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    6 days ago · The earliest mention of the city of Babylon can be found in a tablet from the reign of Sargon of Akkad, dating back to the 23rd century BC. The Neo-Babylonian Empire , or Chaldea , was Babylonia under the rule of the 11th ("Chaldean") dynasty, from the revolt of Nabopolassar in 626 BC until the invasion of Cyrus the Great in 539 BC.

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    4 days ago · Classical Sumer ends with the rise of the Akkadian Empire in the 23rd century BC. Following the Gutian period, there was a brief Sumerian Renaissance in the 21st century BC, cut short in the 20th century BC by invasions by the Amorites. The Amorite "dynasty of Isin" persisted until c. 1700 BC, when Mesopotamia was united under Babylonian rule ...

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    4 days ago · The Assyrian King List mentions rulers going back to the 23rd and 22nd century BC. The earliest king named Tudiya , who was a contemporary of Ibrium of Ebla , appears to have lived in the mid-23rd century BC, according to the king list.

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    6 days ago · Naram-Sin of Akkad mentioned his destruction of Ebla and Armani/Armanum, in the 23rd century BC. [30] [31] but the identification of Armani in the inscription of Naram-Sim as Armi in the Eblaite tablets is heavily debated, [32] as there was no Akkadian annexation of Ebla or northern Syria.

    • Mount Simeon (Jabal Semaan)
    • Mount Simeon (Jabal Semaan)
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    6 days ago · 22nd century Several terms redirect here. For other uses, see 22nd century (disambiguation) , 2150 (disambiguation) , the song 2120 South Michigan Avenue , the video games Battlefield 2142 , Earth 2140 and Earth 2160 , the short film 21-87 , SMPTE 2110 video networking standard

    • 21st century, 22nd century, 23rd century, 24th century, 25th century, 26th century, 27th century, 28th century, 29th century, 30th century
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    The first sign of humans in Polish lands was 500,000 years ago. The Bronze Age started around 2400-2300 BC. The Iron Age started around 750-700 BC. At that time the Polish lands were under the influence of the Lusatian culture. About 400 BC Celtic and Germanic tribes lived there. Those people had trade contacts with the Roman Empire.

  7. 4 days ago · Список эпизодов американского мультсериала «Симпсоны», самого длинного мультсериала в истории американского телевидения.

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    5 days ago · Pour plus de détails, voir Fiche technique et Distribution L'Échange (Changeling) est un film américain réalisé par Clint Eastwood et sorti en 2008 . Le scénario, écrit par Joseph Michael Straczynski , s'inspire de faits réels (dont les meurtres de Wineville) qui se sont déroulés en 1928 à Los Angeles . Il raconte l'histoire d'une mère, interprétée par Angelina Jolie , dont le ...

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    6 days ago · Years: c. 800 - c. 900: Subject: History, Early history (500 CE to 1500) Publisher: HistoryWorld Online Publication Date: 2012 Current online version: 2012

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    1 day ago · The 17th century was the century that lasted from January 1, 1601, to December 31, 1700. The term is often used to refer to the 1600s, the century between January 1, 1600, and December 31, 1699. The term is often used to refer to the 1600s, the century between January 1, 1600, and December 31, 1699.

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