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  1. List of dates predicted for apocalyptic events - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_dates_predicted

    4 days ago · The 1st-century bishop of Edessa predicted this date to be the birth date of the Antichrist and the end of the universe. 23 Oct 1997 James Ussher: This 17th-century Irish archbishop predicted this date to be 6000 years since creation, and therefore the end of the world. 31 Mar 1998 Hon-Ming Chen

  2. Ashoka - Wikipedia › wiki › Ashoka

    4 days ago · e. Ashoka ( / əˈʃoʊkə /; Brāhmi: 𑀅𑀲𑁄𑀓, Asoka, IAST: Aśoka), also known as Ashoka the Great, was an Indian emperor of the Maurya Dynasty, who ruled almost all of the Indian subcontinent from c. 268 to 232 BCE. A grandson of the dynasty's founder Chandragupta Maurya, Ashoka promoted the spread of Buddhism across ancient Asia.

    • c. 268 – c. 232 BCE
    • Bindusara
  3. List of pharaohs - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_pharaohs

    4 days ago · The Fourteenth Dynasty was a local group from the eastern Delta, based at Avaris, that ruled from either 1805 BC or around 1710 BC until around 1650 BC. The dynasty comprised many rulers with West Semitic names and is thus believed to have been Canaanite in origin.

  4. Sepsis - Wikipedia › wiki › Sepsis

    5 days ago · Sepsis is a life-threatening condition that arises when the body's response to infection causes injury to its own tissues and organs. This initial stage is followed by suppression of the immune system. Common signs and symptoms include fever, increased heart rate, increased breathing rate, and confusion.

  5. Wikipedia:Manual of Style/Dates and numbers - Wikipedia › wiki › Wikipedia:Manual_of_Style

    5 days ago · t. e. This page guides the presentation of numbers, dates, times, measurements, currencies, coordinates, and similar items in articles. The aim is to promote clarity, cohesion, and consistency, and to make the encyclopedia easier and more intuitive to use. Where this manual gives options, maintain consistency within an article unless there is a ...

  6. List of battles before 301 - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_battles_before_301

    6 days ago · Biblical battle between the Israelite Tribe of Benjamin and the other tribes of Israel, regarding the death of a concubine . c. 1280 BC. Battle of Kār Ištar. Assyrians defeat Babylonians. c. 1275 BC. First Battle of Alashiya. Hittite navy and army defeat the navy and army of the Kingdom of Alashiya in modern-day Cyprus.

  7. List of wars: before 1000 - Wikipedia › wiki › List_of_wars_before_1000

    5 days ago · c. 3100 BC c. 3100 BC Unification of Upper and Lower Egypt: Upper Egypt under Narmer: Lower Egypt: c. 3100 BC c. 3100 BC Hor-Aha's Nubia Campaign: Egypt: Nubia: c. 2900 BC c. 2900 BC Civil war between Horus Bird and Sneferka Existence disputed: c. 2900 - 2700 BC c. 2900 - 2700 BC Kish-Elam War: Kish: Elam: c. 3400-3100 BC (Late Uruk Period)

  8. Book of Enoch - Wikipedia › wiki › 1_Enoch

    4 days ago · Book of Enoch. For other writings attributed to Enoch, see Book of Enoch (disambiguation). The Book of Enoch (also 1 Enoch; Ge'ez: መጽሐፈ ሄኖክ, maṣḥafa hēnok) is an ancient Hebrew apocalyptic religious text, ascribed by tradition to Enoch, the great-grandfather of Noah. Enoch contains unique material on the origins of demons and ...

  9. Jul 24, 2021 · Update for June 30. Reports of new cases have held steady in recent weeks at around 12,000 a day, the lowest totals since testing became widely available. For the first time since March 2020, the ...

  10. Jul 24, 2021 · Info for Nerds. Some factors that go into this equation: Universal Time is 18.1305555555556 in decimal hours. The Julian date was 2459406.52973784. The sun’s ecliptic longitude was 109.640199816323 degrees. Its mean anomaly was 187.1087870481 degrees. The moon’s mean longitude on 00 January 1990 was 318.351648 degrees.

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