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  1. Events Asia. c. 1300–1046 BC: In China, the Shang dynasty flourishes as it settles its capital, Yin, near Anyang. Chinese settlers swarm in compact groups to create new clearing areas towards the Yangtze basin in the south, the Shanxi terraces in the northwest and the Wei River valley.

  2. The 1st century BC, also known as the last century BC and the last century BCE, started on the first day of 100 BC and ended on the last day of 1 BC. The AD/BC notation does not use a year zero; however, astronomical year numbering does use a zero, as well as a minus sign, so "2 BC" is equal to "year –1". 1st century AD (Anno Domini) follows.

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  4. Apr 07, 2021 · At the time of Caesar’s assassination (March 44 BC), Augustus was a student at Apollonia in Illyricum, but returned at once to Italy to claim his inheritance. Marcus Antonius refused at first to surrender Caesar’s property, but Augustus out-maneuvered him in the campaign of Mutina, gained the consulship, and carried out Caesar’s will (43 BC).

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