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  1. 1 day ago · 1900s BC in art – Karnak Temple Complex; 3rd Millennium BC in art. c. 22nd Century BC – The Statues of Gudea; c. 23rd Century BC – Victory Stele of Naram-Sin; 26th Century BC – The Great Sphinx of Giza and the Great Pyramid of Giza are built. 27th Century BC – The Pyramid of Djoser is built. 2600 BC – Standard of Ur is created.

  2. Aug 08, 2022 · This is a timeline of British history, comprising important legal and territorial changes and political events in the United Kingdom and its predecessor states. To read about the background to these events, see History of England, History of Wales, History of Scotland, History of Ireland, History of the formation of the United Kingdom and History of the United Kingdom.

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  4. 1 day ago · The Greek Dark Ages (c. 1100 – c. 800 BC) refers to the period of Greek history from the presumed Dorian invasion and end of the Mycenaean civilization in the 11th century BC to the rise of the first Greek city-states in the 9th century BC and the epics of Homer and earliest writings in the Greek alphabet in the 8th century BC.

  5. Aug 08, 2022 · Jump search Calendar introduced Julius Caesar parser output .hatnote font style italic .mw parser output div.hatnote padding left 1.6em margin bottom 0.5em .mw parser output .hatnote font style normal .mw parser output .hatnote...

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