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  1. Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

    Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo

    1944 · War · 2h 18m
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  3. The movie is pretty faithful to the story, making Thirty Second Over Tokyo one of the best if not the best war combat film made in Hollywood during the conflict. Doing the guest star shot as Doolittle himself is Spencer Tracy. Jimmy Doolittle had quite a career himself and it's a pity that no one has sought to make a film of his life.

  4. Audience Reviews for Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo Nov 13, 2019 This propaganda war film (unlike most) pretty much tells the truth as an intrepid band of youngsters flew into history with...

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  5. Jan 01, 2009 · May 9, 2011 After an overly mushy first half, the movie redeems itself with a second act that is decidedly dark and dreary and an extended air combat sequence that's still amazing nearly 70 years...

  6. As with nearly all of the war movies produced during the 1940s, “Thirty Seconds Over Tokyo” is first and foremost an excellent piece of pro-American war propaganda. It shows American fighting forces at their very best – highly motivated and patriotic, fighting with courage and determination against a savage, ruthless, evil foe.

  7. Aug 05, 2019 · It’s based on the book written by Major Ted W. Lawson (who was part of Doolittle’s Raid and the focus of the film) and Robert Considine, Dalton Trumbo is the writer (he was later blacklisted by HUAC for being a Commie). Mervyn LeRoy directs, doing a good job in filming the action sequences. The narrative is about the secret retaliatory attack on Tokyo four months after Pearl Harbor that was headed by Doolittle.

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