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  1. Stainless steel cycle. The stainless steel cycle starts with carbon steel scrap, primary metals, and slag. The next step is the production of hot-rolled and cold-finished steel products in steel mills. Some scrap is produced, which is directly reused in the melting shop. The manufacturing of components is the third step.

  2. Austenitic stainless steel is one of the five classes of stainless steel by crystalline structure (along with ferritic, martensitic, duplex and precipitation hardened).Its primary crystalline structure is austenite (face-centered cubic) and it prevents steels from being hardenable by heat treatment and makes them essentially non-magnetic.

  3. ステンレス鋼(ステンレスこう、英: stainless steel )とは、鉄に一定量以上のクロムを含ませた、腐食に対する耐性を持つ合金鋼である。規格などでは、クロム含有量が 10.5 %(質量パーセント濃度)以上、炭素含有量が 1.2 % 以下の鋼と定義される。

  4. modifier - modifier le code - modifier Wikidata L' acier inoxydable , couramment appelé acier inox ou inox , est un acier (alliage à base de fer et de carbone , mais comportant dans ce cas moins de 1,2 % de carbone) avec plus de 10,5 % de chrome , dont la propriété est d'être peu sensible à la corrosion et de ne pas se dégrader en rouille . La présence de chrome en solution au-delà de ...

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