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    New Delhi (/ ˈ d ɛ l i / (), Hindi: [ˈnəiː ˈdɪlːiː], Naī Dillī) is the capital of India and a part of the National Capital Territory of Delhi (NCT). New Delhi is the seat of all three branches of the government of India, hosting the Rashtrapati Bhavan, Parliament House, and the Supreme Court of India.

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    The 16th century is regarded by historians as the century which saw the rise of Western civilization and the Islamic gunpowder empires. The Renaissance in Italy and Europe saw the emergence of important artists, authors and scientists, and led to the foundation of important subjects which include accounting and political science.

  3. Hindi (excl. Urdu) Indo-European: Indo-Aryan: 343.9 million 258.3 million 602.2 million Spanish: Indo-European: Romance: 474.7 million 73.6 million 548.3 million French: Indo-European: Romance: 79.9 million 194.2 million 274.1 million Modern Standard Arabic (excl. dialects) Afro-Asiatic: Semitic: 0: 274.0 million 274.0 million Bengali: Indo ...

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    The 17th century lasted from January 1, 1601 (), to December 31, 1700 ().It falls into the early modern period of Europe and in that continent (whose impact on the world was increasing) was characterized by the Baroque cultural movement, the latter part of the Spanish Golden Age, the Dutch Golden Age, the French Grand Siècle dominated by Louis XIV, the Scientific Revolution, the world's first ...

  5. Romance of the Three Kingdoms by Luo Guanzhong (3rd century) The Journeyer by Gary Jennings (Kublai Khan, 13th century) The Deer and the Cauldron by Jin Yong - Early Qing dynasty during the rule of the Kangxi Emperor. (1654–89) The Story of the Stone by Cao Xueqin (18th century) Tai-Pan by James Clavell (Hong Kong, 1841)

  6. They were described in detail by Aryabhata in the late 5th century, but were likely developed earlier in the Siddhantas, astronomical treatises of the 3rd or 4th century. Later, the 6th-century astronomer Varahamihira discovered a few basic trigonometric formulas and identities, such as sin^2(x) + cos^2(x) = 1.

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    Basketball is a team sport in which two teams, most commonly of five players each, opposing one another on a rectangular court, compete with the primary objective of shooting a basketball (approximately 9.4 inches (24 cm) in diameter) through the defender's hoop (a basket 18 inches (46 cm) in diameter mounted 10 feet (3.048 m) high to a backboard at each end of the court, while preventing the ...

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