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    Early 3rd century: Burial in catacombs becomes commonplace. 208: the Chinese naval Battle of Red Cliffs occurs. [2] 211 – 217: Caracalla, Roman Emperor. 212: Constitutio Antoniniana grants citizenship to all free Roman men. 212 – 217: Baths of Caracalla. 220: The Han Dynasty comes to an end with establishment of the Three Kingdoms in ancient China.

  2. The 3rd century was the century from 201 to 300.. Decades and years. Note: years before or after the 3rd century are in italics.

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  4. 1st millennium. Point in time. 3rd century (statement with Gregorian date earlier than 1584) Start time. 1 January 201. End time. 31 December 300. Follows. 2nd century.

  5. Category:3rd century. From Wikimedia Commons, the free media repository. Millennium: 1st millennium. Centuries: 2nd century - 3rd century - 4th century. Decades: 200s 210s 220s 230s 240s 250s 260s 270s 280s 290s. 3rd century.

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  6. 340s BC. 330s BC. 320s BC. 310s BC. 300s BC. Categories: Births – Deaths. Establishments – Disestablishments. The 3rd century BC started the first day of 300 BC and ended the last day of 201 BC .

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  7. Most of the Indian subcontinent was conquered by the Maurya Empire during the 4th and 3rd centuries BCE. From the 3rd century BCE onwards, Prakrit and Pali literature in the north and Tamil Sangam literature in southern India started to flourish. [6] [7] Wootz steel originated in south India in the 3rd century BCE and was exported.

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