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  1. In contemporary history, the third millennium of the anno Domini or Common Era in the Gregorian calendar is the current millennium spanning the years 2001 to 3000 (21st to 30th centuries). Ongoing futures studies seek to understand what is likely to continue and what could plausibly change in the course of this period and beyond.

  2. The 3rd millennium BC spanned the years 3000 through 2001 BC. This period of time corresponds to the Early to Middle Bronze Age, characterized by the early empires in the Ancient Near East. In Ancient Egypt, the Early Dynastic Period is followed by the Old Kingdom.

  3. 3rd Millennium Classrooms offers online intervention & prevention courses to positively impact behavior in a simple, cost-effective way, anytime, anywhere.

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  6. Conference New ERA - Towards a responsible knowledge driven society of the 3rd Millennium After 20 years, the European Research Area (ERA) is undergoing a renewal. The ambition to create a single, borderless market for research, innovation and technology across the EU, is being revitalised.

  7. As an independent manufacturer, we are not constrained or limited to a specific access control system, or card technology. We have the freedom to develop our ideas within a design-led philosophy of innovation and continuous improvement, and adapt our products to the ever changing access security environment.

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