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  1. When is Hanukkah and what does it celebrate? |

    Dec 03, 2018 · Hanukkah (also spelled ... Families typically recite blessings during this ritual and display the menorah prominently in a window as a reminder to others of the miracle that inspired the holiday ...

  2. Hanukkah: Customs and Rituals | Reform Judaism

    Two blessings are chanted or recited every night of Hanukkah. The first is a blessing over the candles themselves. The second blessing expresses thanks for the miracle of deliverance. A third blessing – the Shehecheyanu prayer, marking all joyous occasions in Jewish life – is chanted or recited only on the first night.

  3. Chanukah (חנוכה) - Dedicated Against Assimilation

    On the first night (unless it is Friday), after the stars appear, the first candle is placed at the end of the menorah, facing the right hand. We light the shamash (i.e., the servant candle), recite the traditional blessings (lehadlik ner shel Chanukah, she'ash nissim, and the Shehecheyanu) and then light the rightmost candle.

  4. Without Hanukkah There Would Have Been No Christmas ...

    On the first night of Hanukkah, the elevated candle (known as the Shamash) is lit, followed by one other candle which represents the first day of Hanukkah. On the second night of Hanukkah, the Shamash and two candles are lit, on the third night three, and so forth until the eighth night of Hanukkah, when the Shamash and all eight candles are lit.

  5. Happy Hanukkah & Merry Christmas | News |

    Dec 19, 2019 · Happy Hanukkah. Hanukkah and Christmas overlap every few years, but the confluence of the two holidays coming so near this year is indeed close. Hanukkah starts this Sunday night (Dec. 22) and continues through the week to close on Dec. 30. Next year, the eight-day Hanukkah celebration will end Dec. 18, a week before Christmas.

  6. Hanukkah: Everything you need to know about the Jewish ...

    Hanukkah is a Jewish holiday that lasts for eight nights, usually in November or December. But many people might not know the rich history and tradition that goes along with the Jewish festival.

  7. Common Hanukkah Food Traditions - Learn Religions

    Dec 05, 2019 · Hanukkah is an eight-day celebration, but it is very rare for families to actually prepare a Hanukkah feast for eight days in a row. Typically, families will have a large holiday meal with friends and extended family on the first or last day of Hanukkah; on the other days they light the menorah, say blessings, and (in some households) give gifts.

  8. Last Day of Chanukah in the United States

    The last day of Hanukkah is the eighth day of Hanukkah. It is known as Zose Hanukkah, Zos Hanukkah or Zot Hanukkah. It is the second day of the month of Tevet and marks the day on which the great miracle of oil occurred, according to Jewish belief. It is a particularly special day because it encapsulates all of Hanukkah.

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    Hanukkah in your home —some may work better for children (or adults) of younger ages. I encourage you to choose a candlelighting blessing from page 4-5, a thematic reading for each night from pages 6 to13, and a song from pages 14 to 15 for your Hanukkah observance. But don’t feel like you must stick to one pattern for the whole holiday,

  10. Top 8 (+1) Tips for Being the Best Non-Jew at the Hanukkah ...

    2. Don’t blow out the candles. Hanukkah’s tagline is The Festival of Light. That light comes from candles. Some say all the light is to help us deal with the darkness of the oncoming winter, some say it’s because the war (see below) delayed the celebration of the eight-day fall festival of Sukkot, but most agree that, true or not, Hanukkah celebrates two major miracles from an ancient time: