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  1. Oh Chanukah - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · "Oh Chanukah" is a very popular modern English Chanukah song. This upbeat playful children's song has lines about dancing the Horah, playing with dreidels, eating latkes, lighting the candles, and singing happy songs. The song was written by Mordkhe (Mark) Rivesman, and first published in Susman Kiselgof's 1912 Lider-Zamlbukh [Song anthology

  2. Chrismukkah - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · Chrismukkah is a pop-culture portmanteau neologism referring to the merging of the holidays of Christianity's Christmas and Judaism's Hanukkah.The term was popularized beginning in December 2003 by the TV drama The O.C., wherein character Seth Cohen creates the holiday to signify his upbringing in an interfaith household with a Jewish father and Protestant mother (although the holiday can also ...

  3. Menorah (Hanukkah) - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · More offbeat Hanukkah products on the American market include a "Menorah Tree" inspired by the Christmas tree tradition, and even a "Menorah Bong". The " Thanksgivukkah " coincidence of Thanksgiving and the second night of Hanukkah in 2013 inspired a turkey-shaped "menurkey".

  4. Hanukkah - Temple Beth El

    5 days ago · More blessings resources Hanukkah Song Sheet. October 19, ... Trivia Night ... Nov 3rd 3:00 pm to 4:00 pm This class series is for those interested in a beginning ...

  5. List of Jewish prayers and blessings - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · A centerpiece of Jewish prayer services which affirms belief and trust in the One God, the Shema is composed of three sections taken from the Torah. Emet Veyatziv: אמת ויציב ‎ The only blessing recited following the Shema during Shacharit: Emet V'Emunah: אמת ואמונה ‎ The first blessing recited following the Shema during Maariv

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  7. Christmas controversies - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · In an advertising campaign launched by Gap on 12 November, the term "Christmas" was both spoken and printed on their website at least once, and a television ad entitled "Go Ho Ho" featured lyrics such as "Go Christmas, Go Hanukkah, Go Kwanzaa, Go Solstice" and "whatever holiday you Wanna-kah".

  8. What Is the Feast of Dedication? A Christian Viewpoint

    5 days ago · The Feast of Dedication, or Hanukkah, is a Jewish holiday also known as the Festival of Lights.Hanukkah is celebrated during the Hebrew month of Kislev (late November or early December), beginning on day 25 of Kislev and continuing for eight days and nights.

  9. 4 days ago · Play now this memorable transcription of the brilliant Silent Night by Franz Gruber for trumpet and piano. It gives you high quality PDF sheet music files with audio Mp3 and Mp3 accompaniment files and interactive sheet music for realtime transposition.

  10. 3rd & Bird - Wikipedia

    5 days ago · 3rd & Bird is a children's television series created by Josh Selig. Selig's company, Little Airplane Productions, produced the series. The show revolves around a community of birds and their adventures. It was broadcast on the BBC's CBeebies channel from 4 June 2008 to 31 July 2010.

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    3 days ago · Good Night Acronym ; Good Night Poem; Gospel Acronym; Grace cards; Hidden Bible Games (3 Different Games) 1st Game; 2nd Game; 3rd Game; Hidden Meaning of the 12 Days of Christmas; Human History Quote by C.S. Lewis Mere Christianity; I Spy Printable (Picture finding game) Ivy Berries Wreath Meaning; J-L. Jelly Bean Prayer / Jelly Bean Gospel ...