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  1. Judaism 101: Chanukkah Candle Lighting Blessings

    By the eighth night, you light all of the candles. Candles should be added to the menorah from right to left (like Hebrew writing). See animation at right. The shammus candle is lit first. While holding the shammus candle, recite the following blessings. They are usually sung. Click the music icons in the blessings below to hear the tune.

  2. Good Night Hanukkah (Good Night Our World): Gamble, Adam ...

    Oct 15, 2019 · Good Night Hanukkah highlights the menorah, family dinner, blessings, songs, potato latkes, beef brisket, jelly donuts, the shamash, lighting the candles, the story of the Maccabees, playing dreidel, reading the Torah, gift giving, and more.

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    • Adam Gamble, Mark Jasper
  3. Hanukkah - Wikipedia

    Hanukkah (/ ˈ h ɑː n ə k ə / HAH-nə-kə; Hebrew: חֲנֻכָּה ḥanuká, Tiberian: ḥanuká, usually spelled חֲנוּכָּה ‎, pronounced in Modern Hebrew, or in Yiddish; a transliteration also romanized as Chanukah or Ḥanukah) is a Jewish festival commemorating the rededication of the Second Temple in Jerusalem at the time of the Maccabean Revolt against the Seleucid Empire.

  4. Popular Hanukkah Songs » Hanukkah Fun

    The third blessing, which is sung only on the first night of Hanukkah, is: Blessed are You, L-rd our G-d, King of the universe, who has kept us alive, sustained us, and brought us to this moment. Barukh Atah Ado-noi Elo-heinu melech ha’olam, sheheḥehyanu, v’kiy’manu, v’higianu lazman hazeh.

  5. Hanukkah prayers, Chanukah prayers, Hanukkah Blessings

    Dec 04, 2008 · Chanukah prayers, Hanukkah prayers, Hanukkah blessings, Hanukkah 2008 Every night during Chanukah, when the candles are lit this is the hanukkah prayer or chanukah prayer that is recited. Ba-ruch ata, A-do-nai E-lo-hei-nu, me-lech ha-o-lam, a-sher ki-de-sha-nu be-mits-vo tov, ve-tsi-va-nu le-had-lik neir shel Chan-nu-kah.

  6. Best Hanukkah Songs: 25 Ways To Celebrate The Festival Of Lights

    Most Christmas songs often centre around themes of love, yet few Hanukkah songs deliver the same sentiments. All of that changed with this 2019 synth-pop tune from Buzzy Lee, aka Sasha Spielberg.

  7. "Hanukkah, O Hanukkah" in English and Yiddish | My Jewish ...

    One for each night, they shed a sweet light to remind us of days long ago. Oh Hanukkah, Oh Hanukkah A time to remember. A joyful, jolly holiday that comes in December Every day for eight days, dreidels will spin Crispy little latkes, tasty and thin. And nightly, so brightly, the candles of Chanukah glow. One for each night, they shed a sweet light,

  8. Hanukkah Readings | JewBelong

    Try it this way: read about peace the first night and then add acceptance the second night and so on. By the eighth night, you’ll probably be a little wiser and a whole lot more inspired. First line: Day 1: PEACE. The first Hanukkah candle of the year sparks a call for peace.

  9. This is special information on the fourth day of Chanukah ...

    Tonight is the fourth night of Chanukah. We light four candles and say two Blessings 26 MINUTES BEFORE DARK. This is Erev Yom Shabbat. {28-09-5768}.

  10. The Hanukkah period lasts for eight days and nights. The Hanukkah is celebrated from the 25th day of Kislev to the second day of Tevet. The first night of Hanukkah begins with amazing blessings at sunset, the day before the 12th of Kislev (i.e. 10th December).