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    What are the 5 major branches of Philosophy?

    What are the four main points of Philosophy?

    What are the different branches of Philosophy?

    What are the four branches of ethics?

  2. Contemporary philosophy [ edit] Analytic philosophy Continental philosophy Existentialism Phenomenology Existentialism Phenomenology Contemporary Asian philosophy Buddhist modernism New Confucianism Maoism Kyoto School Neo-Vedanta Buddhist modernism New Confucianism Maoism Kyoto School Neo-Vedanta ...

    • Metaphysics. “Beyond Physics.” This is what is meant by metaphysics, the branch of Philosophy that studies reality as a whole, from the existence of life forms to concepts such as time, the origin of what we see, the relationship between the different objects of the Cosmos and the reason for the existence of everything.
    • Ethics. The word ethics comes from the Greek language “ēthikós” meaning “the form”, and is one of the branches of philosophy that studies human behaviour from the perspective of the individual’s actions.
    • Epistemology. The word Epistemology comes from the Greek “epistḗmē”, meaning knowledge, and “lógo”, meaning study. Epistemology is a branch of philosophy that focuses on the study of scientific knowledge.
    • Logic. The word “logic” has its origin in the ancient Greek “logikḗ”, meaning “endowed with reason”. Logic is the formal science derived from philosophy (and closely related to mathematics) that studies the principles of demonstration and valid inference, fallacies, paradoxes and the notion of truth.
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    The main branches of ethics are normative ethics, meta-ethics and applied ethics. The three main views in ethics about what constitute moral actions are: Consequentialism, which judges actions based on their consequences.

  4. Nov 15, 2022 · The main branches of Philosophy are: Axiology: Study of the nature of value and valuation Metaphysics: Study of the fundamental nature of reality Epistemology: Study of the nature, origin, and limits of human knowledge Ethics Philosophy: Study of what is right and wrong in human behaviour ...

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    • Epistemology. Epistemology addresses philosophical questions about knowledge; it is the study of and seeks to answer how...
    • Metaphysics. Metaphysics addresses philosophical questions about being and reality; it examines who we are and our place...
    • Logic. Logic addresses philosophical questions about reason and argumentation; it...
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