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    What should I wear to 80s themed party?

    What do you wear to 80s themed party?

    What kind of clothes did women wear in the 80s?

    What is 80 style clothes?

  2. 80s Theme Party Outfit Ideas - 18 Fashion Ideas From 1980s › 80s-theme-party-outfit
    • ↓ 18 – All Set To Rock And Roll. 80’s is all about rock and roll, dress bright and lively with this black and pink dress and you are all set to move to the 80’s groove.
    • ↓ 17 – DIY 80s Costume. This subtle yet classy look is a true depiction of the 80’s, go soft and natural for the theme party and you are definitely going to sizzle the party.
    • ↓ 16 – The Classic 1980s Attire. 80’s was all about the onesies and jumpsuit. This attire is a must to achieve the perfect 80s look for any 80’s theme party.
    • ↓ 14 – Add the Florals. Make your wardrobe pop out with this classic 80’s floral pants. This look is one of the most unique, cute and stylish look of the 80s that is a must to complete your look for the theme party.
  3. 28 80's Party Outfits ideas | 80s party outfits, 80s party ... › queenlaydeejaye › 80s-party-outfits

    Here are some great outfit ideas to wear to your next 80's theme party. Barbie, Lisa Frank, frayed denim and more! Check it out.

  4. 4 Ways to Dress for an 80s Party - wikiHow › Dress-for-an-80s-Party
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    Mix and match colors. Many 80s fashionistas went for bold, bright color combinations. Neon colors were particularly popular. Match your top and bottom and add a pop of contrasting color. For example, electric blue pants and top can be accented with a bright yellow or pink belt and chunky earrings. Contrast your bright colors. If you do not have a matchy outfit, you can also put different ...
    Shape your outfit. The 80s were a time of experimentation with many different styles. Women’s styles tended to be big on top and small on the bottom. An oversized shirt was often paired with a miniskirt[2] X Research source or tightly-fitted pants or leggings. If you do not have oversized tops or undersized bottoms, try looking in your parents’ closet (they may even have actual clothes ...
    Find or make shoulder pads. Shoulder pads were very popular in women’s clothing. The bigger the shoulder pads, the better. If you do not have a shirt with shoulder pads, try stuffing your shirt with some kind of padding.[3] X Research source
    Try an 80s punk look. Another approach is to go for more of an 80s punk look, which would involve mostly black and denim. Wear at least two different denims. Men typically wore denim pants with denim jackets.[4] X Research source Women wore denim miniskirts with a denim jacket. Men and women typically wore a tight shirt underneath the denim jacket. Combine denim and lace. A classic 80s look ...
    Wear athletic clothes. Athletic clothes were also popular in the 1980s. However, they tended to be far more matchy than modern athletic clothes. Puffy athletic pants and a matching jacket paired with some sneakers can be a perfect 80s look. Though they may be hard to find, velvet or velour sweat sets are preferable. Another approach to athletic wear is the iconic 80s woman workout look: a ...
    If you don't have something for your costume, try to replace it with something similar. For example, if you don't have legwarmers than you can replace them with knee-high socks. Thanks! Helpful 76 Not Helpful 30
    Exaggerate your 80s look. The point of an 80s party is to have fun and be wacky. Thanks! Helpful 6 Not Helpful 0
    Be wacky and fun go for interesting. Be sure to wear neon pink, dark red or dark purple lipstick. Thanks! Helpful 71 Not Helpful 31
    Bright nail polish and especially fluorescent nails, all of the same color - orange, yellow or green. The color did not have to match your outfit. Thanks! Helpful 4 Not Helpful 2
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  5. Best 80s Fashion Trends For Women – 20 Outfit Ideas › articles › 80s-fashion-trends-women
    • 80s Rock Fashion. If you want to transform and teleport yourself to the 80s, the easiest way to do so is by perming your hair. Wear some bold colors and put on some knee socks or leg warmers over your pants.
    • 80s Style LBD. We all know that the little black dress has been around for a long time now. But do you know how to spin some 80s magic on it? By adding a blazer, jacket or coat with shoulder pads.
    • Florals And Neon Colors. Today, you and I would think 10 times before we put on an outfit like this. But, back in the day, nothing was considered ‘incorrect’ when it came to fashion.
    • 80s Workout Fashion. Even their workout looks were never subtle, were they? Oversized flashy T-shirts and running shorts were quite common back then. If you want to be outlandish and are looking for inspiration, try this.
  6. What to Wear to an 80s Party | LoveToKnow › What_to_Wear_to_an_80s_Party

    Preppy. Khakis and polo shirts embody the preppy style of the 80s. A khaki skirt for women and khaki pants for men start off this 80s dress idea. Add a brightly-colored polo with the collar up and a sweater tied around the shoulders. Penny loafers are the preferred form of footwear for the preppy style of 80s wear.

  7. How Do I Dress for an 80s Party? | LEAFtv › articles › how-do-i-dress-for-an-80s-party

    Pair an oversized top with fitted jeans with a tapered or skinny leg. Jeans with ankle zippers, embellishments, buttons, and jewels are popular for recreating an 80s look. If you don’t want to wear jeans, leggings and leg warmers are essential to any 80s look. Look for leggings or tights in bright colors with lace embellishments.

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