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  2. Whitney Houston (left), Michael Jackson (central) and Madonna (right) are among the most successful music artists of the 1980s. The 1980s saw the reinvention of Michael Jackson [2] and the emergence and superstardom of Prince, Madonna and Whitney Houston. Their videos became a permanent fixture on MTV.

  3. Popular music of the United Kingdom in the 1980s built on the post-punk and new wave movements, incorporating different sources of inspiration from subgenres and what is now classed as world music in the shape of Jamaican and Indian music. It also explored the consequences of new technology and social change in the electronic music of synthpop.

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    v t e The 1980s (pronounced "nineteen-eighties", shortened to " the '80s " or " the Eighties ") was a decade that began January 1, 1980 and ended December 31, 1989.

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    • Whitney Houston. Sumptuous power ballad “The Greatest Love Of All” was arguably Whitney Houston’s signature hit, but during the 80s, this artist had 12 US smash hits and no less than seven topped the US Billboard charts.
    • Bruce Springsteen. One of the biggest 80s rock artists, Bruce Springsteen’s landmark Born In The USA album yielded seven US hits. The album also stuck at No. 2 behind Prince’s monolithic Purple Rain on the Billboard 200 for a whopping 18 weeks.
    • Stevie Wonder. Not as seismic as he was in the 60s and 70s, you say? Maybe, but the hits kept on coming. Stevie had 19 80s pop songs that became hits. “Ebony And Ivory” and “I Just Called To Say I Love You” remain global standards.
    • Phil Collins. Whether with Genesis or solo, Phil Collins was is a quintessential 80s artist. Seemingly omnipresent in the charts, the singles from his No Jacket Required album alone spent over a year lodged in the Top 40.
  6. 1980s In 1981, Tiffany debuted with country music singer Jack Reeves at a country and western venue, Narods, in Chino, California. She passed a hat among the crowd afterwards, and collected $235 in what were her first career earnings. [citation needed]

  7. Apr 6, 2023 · Including unforgettable classics and old school dance hits, the list of '80s pop songs features popular artists, like Michael Jackson, Whitney Houston, Prince, and David Bowie. Moonwalk down memory lane with the top pop songs of the 1980s. Vote up the best '80s pop songs, and add your favorites if they're missing from the list. ranked by... 1

  8. Jan 17, 2022 · Top 40 80s pop artists By John Earls | January 17, 2022 It’s the ultimate face-off as the count down our favourite 80s pop artists… I t is, of course, the impossible task: distil music’s most creative and varied decade down to a mere 40 artists.

  9. Jul 2, 2021 · Coley Reed Updated July 2, 2021 476.5K votes 31.9K voters 1.5M views Over 31.9K Ranker voters have come together to rank this list of The Best Pop Artists of the 1980s Voting Rules Pop stars, artists, and groups popular during the 1980s

  10. Jan 14, 2020 · Simmons Drums. . For those who sought the big, electronic drum sounds of the ’80s but still wanted to use an actual drum kit, there was the Simmons SDS 5. A series of hexagonal, electronic pads ...

  11. 80s Pop Music Hits Playlist - Greatest 1980's Pop Songs · Playlist · 100 songs · 4K likes

  12. Oct 15, 2021 · Published: 15:55 ET, Oct 15 2021 I SEEM to have spent most of my life trying to redeem the Eighties. In fact, I have spent my entire journalistic career trying to redeem them. 8 The Eighties was the greatest decade for pop music (pictured David Bowie) Credit: Rex 8

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