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    8chan is the home of the discredited far-right QAnon conspiracy theory. In October 2017, a 4chan user that referred to himself as "Q" started gaining attention by promoting conspiracy theories about the deep state.

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    8chan (or Infinitechan, later 8kun) is a primarily English-language imageboard, although it has sub-boards dedicated to other languages.

  3. Nov 4, 2019 · Just two months of being taken down for criminal and dangerous activity, 8chan — now 8kun — is back, and reportedly asking users not to commit crimes.

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    Ronald Watkins (born April 18, 1987), also known by his online pseudonym CodeMonkeyZ, is an American conspiracy theorist and site administrator of the imageboard website 8kun (formerly known as 8chan).

  5. Aug 15, 2019 · 8Chan is notorious for its forum and its hosting of content for white supremacists and other racist users including the gunman who killed 20 people in El Paso, Texas on August 3. The gunman,...

  6. 8chan - the anonymous forum known for its associations with numerous mass shootings - is back online after being pulled down in August, but now it's going by a new name: 8kun.

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    8chan8ちゃんねる/エイトチャン 、別名:Infinitechan/∞chan)は、5ちゃんねる管理人のジム・ワトキンスが運営し、息子のロン・ワトキンスが管理していたアメリカ合衆国の匿名 画像掲示板4chanの分派として2013年10月に開設された

  8. Fredrick Robert Brennan (born February 21, 1994) is an American software developer and type designer who founded the imageboard website 8chan in 2013, before going on to repudiate it in 2019.

  9. 8kun前称8chan, Infinitechan或Infinitychan是一個美國貼圖討論版由用戶建立的討論版組成建立每個版的用戶會自動成為該版的版主而網站的管理員甚少介入版內的管理工作

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