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  1. 조선의 역사는 크게 전기와 후기로 나뉘며, 전기를 다시 둘로 나누어 전기와 중기로 보아 전기-중기-후기로 보기도 한다. 이때 전기-후기를 나누는 기준은 임진왜란(1592~1598)이며, 전기-중기-후기를 나누는 기준은 전기와 중기는 중종반정(1506), 중기와 후기는 임진왜란 또는 병자호란(1636~1637)이다.

  2. Saint Kitts and Nevis have one of the longest written histories in the Caribbean, both islands being among Spain's and England's first colonies in the archipelago. Despite being only two miles apart and quite diminutive in size, Saint Kitts and Nevis were widely recognized as being separate entities with distinct identities until they were forcibly united in the late 19th century.

  3. William Camden (2 May 1551 – 9 November 1623) was an English antiquarian, historian, topographer, and herald, best known as author of Britannia, the first chorographical survey of the islands of Great Britain and Ireland, and the Annales, the first detailed historical account of the reign of Elizabeth I of England

  4. Le allegre comari di Windsor (The Merry Wives of Windsor) è una commedia in cinque atti del drammaturgo inglese William Shakespeare. La data di stesura è incerta, e può essere collocata tra il 1599 e il 1601, anche se tradizionalmente la si antepone al 1597. I primi riferimenti sulla pubblicazione risalgono al 1602.

  5. Roman Charity (Latin: Caritas romana; Italian: Carità Romana) is the exemplary story of a woman, Pero, who secretly breastfeeds her father, Cimon, after he is incarcerated and sentenced to death by starvation.

  6. Ludovico Ludovisi (Bologna, 27 ottobre 1595 – Bologna, ... Il 2 ottobre 1623 diede le proprie dimissioni da legato ad Avignone e venne nominato protettore d'Irlanda.

  7. The independent Suebic kingdom of Galicia lasted from 409 to 585, having remained relatively stable for most of that time. 5th century. In 409 Gallaecia was divided, ad habitandum, between two Germanic people, the Hasdingi Vandals, who settled the eastern lands, and the Suebi, who established themselves in the coastal areas.

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