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  1. References. 50 State Quarter Program from the United States Mint (including dates of statehood) [Retrieved: 22 October 2016]; Dates of statehood, via (includes notes, retrieved 19 January 2006

  2. Da Wikipedia, l'enciclopedia libera. La battaglia di Arnehm, del 30 novembre 1813, fu uno scontro armato fra le truppe del regno di Prussia, condotte dal generale Friedrich Wilhelm von Bülow, e quelle dell'esercito imperiale francese, condotte dal generale Henri François Marie Charpentier, che si concluse con la vittoria delle truppe prussiane.

  3. 西班牙王国(西班牙語:Reino de España),又称波旁第一次复辟时期及萨伏伊西班牙,指的是1813年从何塞一世结束统治后,费尔南多七世重新成为国王开始,波旁王朝复辟,一直到阿玛迪奥一世退位,西班牙第一共和国建立。在这段时期中爆发了卡洛斯战争

  4. Die Völkerschlacht bei Leipzig, auch als Schlacht von Leipzig bekannt, vom 16. bis 19. Oktober 1813 war die entscheidende Schlacht der Befreiungskriege. Dabei besiegten die Truppen der Allianz von Russland, Preußen, Österreich und Schweden sowie kleineren Fürstentümern die Truppen Frankreichs und seiner Verbündeten unter Napoleon Bonaparte.

  5. If you want more information on the headdress seen go here Lieb Regiment / 8. Infanterie Regiment - Translated to 8th Infantry Regiment, they have Prussian blue button-up coats with grey breeches. Westfalen / 13. Infanterie Regiment - Translated to 13th Infantry Regiment, they have button-up coats with grey breeches. 3. Westpreussen / 18. Infanterie Reigment - Translated to 18th Infantry ...

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  7. Dynasty means rulers who belong to the same royal family for generations. The term is also used to describe the era during which that family ruled. from England: The House of Tudor ( 1485 - 1603) and the House of Stuart ( 1603 - 1714 ). from China: The Shang Dynasty ( 1766 BC – 1050 BC ), the Yuan Dynasty ( 1271 – 1368 ), the Ming Dynasty ...

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