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  1. HQ | The Earth Defense Force Wiki | Fandom

    "What?" —HQ has an answer for everything. HQ, or Strategic Command Headquarters when he feels like using his full title, is the only given name of an unseen character who appears in Earth Defense Force 2: Invaders From Planet Space, Earth Defense Force 2025, and Earth Defense Force 4.1: The Shadow of New Despair. He commands at least part of the EDF forces during the 2025 invasion, in ...

  2. Undercover: AD 2025 Kei - Neoseeker

    Set in the year 2025, Undercover: AD 2025 sees you as undercover agent Kei Samejima out to thrwart the Chinese mafia in this detective action title for the Dreamcast.

  3. Ikea Concept Kitchen 2025 – the future of cooking?

    Concept Kitchen 2025 is a student project based upon a list of assumptions about the world ten years from now. The students were posited a world of dwindling resources with much less energy...

  4. Thomas & Friends | Thomas the Tank Engine Wikia | Fandom

    Thomas & Friends(previously known as Thomas the Tank Engine & Friends) is the name of the television series based on the Railway Series by the Reverend W. Awdry. It was adapted for television by Britt Allcroft using the original stories from the Railway Series before using original stories written by independent writers. The series has been broadcast in over 185 territories and has spawned ...

  5. 中国制造2025 - Wikiwand中国制造2025

    《中国制造2025》是中国国务院总理李克强提出的制造业政策,也是中国政府实施“制造强国”战略的首个十年纲领[1 ...

  6. 중국제조 2025(영어: Made in China 2025, 중국어 간체자: 中国制造2025, 정체자: 中國製造2025, 병음: Zhōngguózhìzào 2025)는 중화인민공화국의 국무원총리인 리커창이 제조업 활성화를 위해 2015년 제창한 전략이다. 2015년 5월 8일 공개되었으며, 5월 19일에 국무원에서 공식 발표되었다.

  7. Meet the sanskari BC Aunty from viral video, Class of 2025 ...

    BC Aunty aka Bheri Cute Aunty aka Snehil Dixit Mehra has been viral on social media for her videos such as Class of 2025, and Class of Heroes, among others.

  8. 中國製造 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书中國製造

    根据计划,预计到2025年,中国将从“制造大国”成为“制造强国” ,而到2035年,中国的制造业将超越德国和日本的制造业 。 2016年1月,国务院总理李克强在座谈会上对中国工厂无法自行生产的圆珠笔头表示遗憾。一年后有中国厂商表示完成圆珠笔头的自主研发。

  9. Mistrovství světa v alpském lyžování – Wikipedieí_světa_v...

    Mistrovství světa v alpském lyžování (anglicky FIS Alpine World Ski Championships) je vrcholná soutěž sjezdového lyžování, kterou organizuje Mezinárodní lyžařská federace (FIS).

  10. トヨタ自動車 - Wikipediaトヨタ自動車

    トヨタ・リサーチ・インスティテュート・アドバンスト・デベロップメント (tri-ad) - 2018年3月に自動運転技術の先行開発分野での技術開発を目的として、トヨタ自動車、アイシン精機、デンソーの共同出資により設立されたソフトウェア企業

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