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    Abaqa Khan (February 1234 – 4 April 1282, Mongolian: Абаха/Абага хан (Khalkha Cyrillic), ᠠᠪᠠᠬᠠ ᠬᠠᠨ (Traditional script), "paternal uncle", also transliterated Abaġa), was the second Mongol ruler (Ilkhan) of the Ilkhanate. The son of Hulagu Khan and Lady Yesünčin.

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    Ghazan was born on 5 November 1271 in Abaskun (near modern Bandar Turkman) though he was raised in the Ordo (nomadic palace-tent) of his grandfather Abaqa's favorite wife, Buluqhan Khatun, who herself was childless. Ghazan and Arghun didn't see each other until Abaqa's attack on Qaraunas in 1279 where they briefly met.