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  1. Abel – Wikipedia

    Abel är ett mansnamn med bibliskt ursprung. Abel var enligt Bibeln (1 Mos. 4:2-16) Adams och Evas andre son . Han arbetade som herde , men mördades av sin äldre bror Kain .

  2. Abel (given name) - Wikipedia

    Abel is a biblical first name which may derive from the Hebrew Hebel, itself derived from hevel (breath or vapour), or from the Assyrian for son. In reference to the biblical story, Abel is usually linked with his brother who killed him, as Cain and Abel.

  3. Abel Tasman - Wikipedia

    Abel Tasman was born in 1603 in Lutjegast, a small village in the province of Groningen, in the north of the Netherlands.The oldest available source mentioning him is dated 27 December 1631 when, as a seafarer living in Amsterdam, the 28-year-old became engaged to marry 21-year-old Jannetje Tjaers, of Palmstraat in the Jordaan district of the city.

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    A legtöbb idegen nyelven Abel formában használatos (angol, francia, spanyol, portugál). A héberben Hevel alakban használják. Híres Ábelek. Dési Ábel költő, prózaíró, kritikus, publicista; Abel Gance francia filmrendező; Abel Janszoon Tasman holland felfedező; Mihalik Ábel dobos (Kiscsillag, Kispál és a Borz)

  5. Abel is the brother of Cain who, loosely, according to the original texts and scrits of the Catholic Holy Word, was murdered by his brother for misplaced jealousy and envy. Abel, the younger of the two brothers, hearded animals, namely sheep and goats.

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    En la Biblia, Abel, significa "El que estaba con Dios".Es el segundo hijo de Adán y Eva.Fue asesinado por su hermano Caín, quien envidiaba la satisfacción divina con las ofrendas de Abel; de acuerdo al relato, el suyo fue el primer asesinato de un ser humano.

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    Abel era cioban, iar Cain era agricultor. Abel a fost al doilea fiu al primilor oameni de pe pământ , și se ocupa cu păstoritul oilor. Conform Genezei , într-o zi, atât el cât și fratele său Cain, care a fost primul fiu al primilor oameni de pe pământ, au adus o jertfă lui Dumnezeu .

  8. Abel Meeropol - Wikipedia

    Abel Meeropol (February 10, 1903 – October 29, 1986) was an American songwriter and poet whose works were published under his pseudonym, Lewis Allan. He wrote "Strange Fruit" (1937), which was recorded by Billie Holiday. Meeropol was a member of the American Communist Party, but would later quit.

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    Abel é o primeiro homem a morrer biblicamente. Abel é primeiro mencionado em Gênesis 4:2 como um pastor de ovelhas. Em seguida, a narrativa diz que seu irmão mais velho, Caim, um agricultor, ofereceu a Deus os "frutos da terra", enquanto Abel teria oferecido o sacrifício de uma ovelha.

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    Abel Mathías Hernández Platero (born 8 August 1990) is a Uruguayan professional footballer who plays as a striker. Abel Hernández Hernández with CSKA in 2018