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  1. Abraham Zapruder's camera, in the collection of the US National Archives At the time of the assassination, Zapruder was an admirer of President Kennedy and considered himself a Democrat . Zapruder had originally planned to film the motorcade carrying President Kennedy through downtown Dallas on November 22, but he decided not to film the event ...

  2. The Zapruder film is a silent 8mm color motion picture sequence shot by Abraham Zapruder with a Bell & Howell home-movie camera, as United States President John F. Kennedy's motorcade passed through Dealey Plaza in Dallas, Texas, on November 22, 1963.

  3. The frame that gave Abraham Zapruder nightmares, the frame he insisted be withheld from the public—a single frame of film that can be said to have changed American history and culture.

  4. the tragic Zapruder Film (European/French Copy) HD, stabilized, slow Moed, show simultaneous synced headshots, including one exploding on impact bullet that ...

  5. Guide to the JFK assassination, including table of contents, links to assassination web sites, search engine for site and assassination newsgroups, best of Kennedy assassination web sites.

  6. Costella Combined Edit Frames (updated 2006) Click on a frame number below to view the corresponding frame of the film, or click here to download all 486 frames in a single ZIP file (119 MB).

  7. Nov 22, 2013 · Abraham Zapruder made the short trip from his house to Dealey Plaza in Dallas exactly 50 years ago on Friday, hoping to use his newfangled 8mm camera to film President John F. Kennedy as his motorcade passed through town.

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