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  1. Aaron Sorkin - Wikipedia

    17 hours ago · For writing 2010's The Social Network, he won an Academy Award for Best Adapted Screenplay and Golden Globe Award for Best Screenplay. He made his feature film debut as a director in 2017 with the crime drama Molly's Game , which garnered mostly positive reviews and earned him a third Academy Award nomination for Best Adapted Screenplay.

    • 1
    • 1984–present
  2. Woody Allen - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · It earned Allen his first Academy Award nomination since 1998, for Best WritingOriginal Screenplay, with directing and writing nominations at the Golden Globes, his first Globe nominations since 1987. In a 2006 interview with Premiere Magazine he said it was the best film he had ever made.

    • Director, writer, actor, comedian
    • Allan Stewart Konigsberg, November 30, 1935 (age 84), The Bronx, New York City, U.S.
  3. Robert Towne - Wikipedia

    17 hours ago · Robert Towne (born Robert Bertram Schwartz; November 23, 1934) is an American screenwriter, producer, director and actor.He was part of the New Hollywood wave of filmmaking. . He is best known for his Academy Award-winning original screenplay for Roman Polanski's Chinatown (1974), which is widely considered one of the greatest screenplays ever written.

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    • 1960–present
    • Writer, director, producer, actor
    • Pomona College
  4. Peter Jackson - Wikipedia

    17 hours ago · He shared a nomination for Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay with his partner Fran Walsh for Heavenly Creatures, which brought him to mainstream prominence in the film industry. Jackson has been awarded three Academy Awards for The Lord of the Rings: The Return of the King (2003), including the award for Best Director .

  5. Django Unchained - Wikipedia

    1 day ago · Django Unchained garnered several awards and nominations. The American Film Institute named it one of their Top Ten Movies of the Year in December 2012. The film received five Golden Globe Award nominations, including Best Picture, and Best Director and Best Screenplay for Tarantino. Tarantino won an Academy Award for Best Original Screenplay.

    • $100 million
    • December 11, 2012 (Ziegfeld Theatre), December 25, 2012 (United States)
  6. InkTip - InkTip Events Directory

    Today · For this reason TIFA screens and awards films and screenplays from every country, in all genres, and a range of independent budgets. To help level the playing field we accept feature films in four sub-categories based on the project’s budget so films are not competing against others made at higher budgets.

  7. Tron: O Legado – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre

    1 day ago · Enredo. O milionário empresário e programador Kevin Flynn (Jeff Bridges) recria um programa chamado CLU (sigla de Codificação Legítima Útil), um clone digital de si mesmo, para ajudar o programa de Alan Bradley (Bruce Boxleitner), Tron, a trabalhar na Grade (Grid), que irá conter o mundo digital dentro do "ENCOM 511", o supercomputador da corporação ENCOM.

  8. Annie Hall - Wikipedia

    17 hours ago · Annie Hall won four Oscars at the 50th Academy Awards on April 3, 1978, and was nominated for five in total. Producer Charles H. Joffe received the statue for Best Picture, Allen for Best Director and, with Brickman, for Best Original Screenplay, and Keaton for Best Actress. Allen was also nominated for Best Actor.

  9. Playback singing may not be a viable career now: Chithra | K ...

    1 day ago · Playback singing may not be a viable career now: Chithra; Absolutely delighted at bagging the best singer award, says Najim Arshad; BTS goes overboard for their stage again, performs at South Korea's biggest airport

  10. Rocky - Wikipedia

    17 hours ago · Rocky is a 1976 American sports drama film directed by John G. Avildsen, written by and starring Sylvester Stallone. It tells the rags to riches American Dream story of Rocky Balboa, an uneducated, kind-hearted working class Italian-American boxer, working as a debt collector for a loan shark in the slums of Philadelphia.