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    Adelaide of Vohburg (German: Adela or Adelheid; c. 1125 – 25 May after 1187) was Duchess of Swabia from 1147 and German queen from 1152 until 1153, as the first wife of the Hohenstaufen king Frederick Barbarossa, the later Holy Roman Emperor.

  2. Adelaide of Vohburg (fl. 1140s) |

    Adelaide of Vohburg (fl. 1140s)Duchess of Swabia. Name variations: Adelheid von Vohburg. Flourished around 1140s; daughter of Diepold III, margrave of Vohburg, and Adelaide (daughter of Ladislas I Herman, king of Poland); became first wife of Frederick I Barbarossa (1123–1190), duke of Swabia (r. 1147), Holy Roman emperor (r. 1152–1190), in 1147 (divorced 1153).

  3. Adelaide, Margravin of Vohburg (b. - 1127) - Genealogy

    Adelaide (b. c. 1091 – d. 25/26 March 1127), married bef. 1118 to Dietrich III, Count of Vohburg and Margrave of the Northern March.[8] A daughter (b. c. 1092 – d. bef. 1111), married c. 1111 with a Polish lord.

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    Adelheid of Vohburg (1122 - 1190) was the first Queen consort of Frederick I, Holy Roman Emperor. Family. Adelheid was a daughter of Diepold III, Margrave of Vohburg (d. 1146) and his second wife Kunigunde of Beichlingen. Her paternal grandparents were Diepold II, Count of Cham (d. 1078) and Liutgarde of Zähringen. Diepold II was also Margrave of Nordgau.

  5. Pedigree: Adelheid von VOHBURG

    HM George I's 16-Great Grandmother. HRE Charles VI's 17-Great Grandmother. Poss. U.S. President [WASHINGTON] 's 19-Great Aunt. PM Churchill's 24-Great Aunt.

  6. Adelaide Hohenstaufen (Diepoldinger-Rapotonen), de Vohburg ...

    Adelaide was Frederick's queen consort, but the couple remained childless.... No longer a queen, Adelaide, apparently unhampered by her former husband, soon after entered into a morganatic marriage with Dietho of Ravensburg, a ministerialis in the service of Duke Welf VI. T The marriage produced several children.

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    Adelaida de Vohburg Adelaida de Vohburg (1135–1190), tamién conocida como Adelheid, foi una reina alemana, al ser la primer esposa del emperador Federico I. Adelaida yera fía de Diepoldo III, margrave de Vohburg, y de Adelaida de Polonia, fía de Vladislao I Herman y Judit de Suabia.

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    ADELAIDE. ADELAIDE, capital of South Australia, established in 1836.Among its first settlers were a number of Jews engaged in commerce and sheep farming. Joseph Barrow Montefiore, a cousin of Sir Moses *Montefiore, who became in 1832 the first president of the Sydney Synagogue, lived in Adelaide at the time of the founding of the synagogue there.

  10. Adelaide of Vohburg, Queen consort of Frederick Barbarossa of Germany Adelaide Amelia Louise Theresa Caroline of Saxe-Meiningen, Queen consort of Britain's William IV Adelaide of Löwenstein-Wertheim-Rosenberg (born Sophie Amelie Adelheid Louise Johanne Leopoldine), Queen consort of Miguel I of Portugal Adelaide of Normandy, Countess of Aumale, sister of William the Conqueror Victoria Adelaide Mary Louisa, Princess Royal; Queen consort of Frederick III of Prussia; eldest child of Britain's ...