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  1. Marie Joseph Louis Adolphe Thiers (/ t i ˈ ɛər / tee-AIR, French: [maʁi ʒɔzɛf lwi adɔlf tjɛʁ]; 15 April 1797 – 3 September 1877) was a French statesman and historian. He was the second elected President of France and first President of the French Third Republic.

  2. Apr 14, 2023 · Adolphe Thiers, (born April 18, 1797, Marseille—died Sept. 3, 1877, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris), French statesman, journalist, and historian, a founder and the first president (1871–73) of the Third Republic.

  3. Adolphe Thiers, né le 15 avril 1797 ( 26 germinal an V) à Marseille et mort le 3 septembre 1877 à Saint-Germain-en-Laye, est un avocat, journaliste, historien et homme d'État français . Arrivé à Paris à 24 ans, ambitieux et sans fortune — il aurait servi de modèle à Balzac pour le personnage de Rastignac —, journaliste ...

  4. For the full article, see Adolphe Thiers . Adolphe Thiers, (born April 18, 1797, Marseille, France—died Sept. 3, 1877, Saint-Germain-en-Laye, near Paris), French politician and historian. He went to Paris in 1821 as a journalist and cofounded the opposition newspaper National in 1830.

  5. Nov 17, 2022 · By May 16, the column was reduced to rubble before an enthusiastic crowd. Another target was the Paris residence of Adolphe Thiers, leader of the Third Republic.

  6. Adolphe Thiers was formally elected the first President of the French Third Republic on August 30, 1871. He was replaced by the more conservative Patrice MacMahon in 1873. In his final years, Thiers became an ally of the republicans against the constitutional monarchists in the Assembly.

  7. Feb 6, 2019 · Adolphe Thiers meurt le trois septembre 1877 à Saint-Germain-en-Laye d'une crise cardiaque. Né le 15 avril 1797, cet avocat, historien et journaliste, fut le premier président de la troisième République, élu en 1871. Vite passionné par la politique, Adolphe Thiers fut également deux fois président du Conseil sous la Monarchie de ...

  8. Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877) was head of the executive power after the fall of the Second Empire, then president of the French Republic from 1871 to 1873.

  9. May 11, 2018 · The French journalist, historian, and statesman Louis Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877) was the most gifted of the literary statesmen who were an important feature of 19th-century French political life. Born at Marseilles on April 16, 1797, Adolphe Thiers attended the local lycée and studied law at Aix.

  10. Nov 10, 2011 · The History of the French Revolution. Marie-Louis-Adolphe Thiers (1797-1877) was a prominent figure in a turbulent period in French history. Described by Karl Marx as a 'monstrous gnome' and condemned by the left for suppressing the Paris Commune of 1871, he enjoyed a controversial political career, but it is for his epic Histoire de la ...

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