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    This is a list of African Americans, also known as Black Americans or Afro-Americans.African Americans an ethnic group and citizens of the United States who have full or partial ancestry of any black racial groups of Africa; Black and African Americans form the third largest racial and ethnic group in the United States, behind White Americans and Hispanic and Latino Americans.

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    The term African American denotes a connection to African through American slave labor but softens the actual harsh and cruel transportation and treatment of Blacks. Many of the harshly treated and enslaved Blacks probably would not want to be meshed in with and called Americans because many Blacks were brought here against their will and enslaved.

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    African Americans, both as slaves and freemen, served on both sides of the Revolutionary War.Gary Nash reports that recent research concludes there were about 9,000 black soldiers who served on the American side, counting the Continental Army and Navy, state militia units, as well as privateers, wagoneers in the Army, servants, officers and spies.

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    African Americans (alsae referred tae as Black Americans or Afro-Americans) are an ethnic group o Americans (ceetizens or residents o the Unitit States) wi tot or pairtial ancestry frae ony o the Black racial groups o Africae.

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    Black and African Americans make up the second largest group in the United States, but the third largest group after White Americans and Hispanic or Latino Americans (of any race). The majority of the population (55%) lives in the South ; compared to the 2000 Census, there has also been a decrease of African Americans in the Northeast and Midwest .

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    African-American art is a broad term describing visual art created by Americans who also identify as Black. The range of art they have created, and are continuing to create, over more than two centuries is as varied as the artists themselves.

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    African-American English (AAE), also known as Black English in American linguistics, is the set of English sociolects primarily spoken by most black people in the United States and many in Canada; most commonly, it refers to a dialect continuum ranging from African-American Vernacular English to a more standard English.

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    Jan 07, 2021 · American history resonates with the names of great African American men and women. The smallest school child to the oldest adult can rattle off the names of well-known figures like Harriet Tubman ...

  9. African Americans and Classism: › african-americans-and-classism

    With only 12 African-American families in the 1%, most black people know and are related to people in all class groups. You certainly still can have class biases like Dr. Arimus Glenns, but it is a lot harder to routinely “assign differential value to people according to their socioeconomic class” when they might be your sister, cousin ...

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    Hello and welcome to my website We Thought They Were White.My name is Dontell Jackson, and like many African-Americans, I was brought up in a culture deeply infused with propaganda designed to lay the blame for all of the black race's ills on the white man.

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