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  1. Black America Since MLK: And Still I Rise | PBS › show › black-america-mlk-and-still-i-rise

    In his new four-hour series, BLACK AMERICA SINCE MLK: AND STILL I RISE, Henry Louis Gates, Jr. embarks on a deeply personal journey through the last fifty years of African American history.

  2. Who started racism in the United States? › article › a-brief-history-of

    Reports of job discrimination against African Americans are correlated with darker complexion, higher education, immigrant status, and young age.”. Japanese-Americans: with Japan’s December 1941 bombing of Pearl Harbor in Hawaii, racism against Japanese-Americans intensified. Like Muslims after the 9/11 attacks, Japanese-Americans were ...

  3. A History of African Americans in Law Enforcement › html › dispatch

    1867: African-American police officers are appointed to the police department in the Selma, Alabama; they would be followed in 1868 by officers in Jackson, Florida, and in 1870 by officers in Houston and Galveston, Texas. 1870: New Orleans, Louisiana has 177 African-American officers, and three of five police board members were African American.

  4. May 09, 2012 · In 1988, Rev Jesse Jackson convinced America’s black population to adopt the term “African-American”. It has stuck for 24 years. But in recent months, a significant number of African-Americans have been clamouring to drop the “African” and go back to just “black”.

  5. Mar 07, 2021 · Black or African American alone (3.48 %)4: Trousdale, Tennessee25,520: White alone (84.48%)Black or African American alone (9.52%)Two or more races (4.89 %)5: Dewey, South Dakota24,831: American Indian and Alaskan Native alone (77.78%)White alone (20.18%)Hispanic or Latino (1 %)6: Lincoln, Arkansas23,191: White alone (64.32%)Black or African ...

  6. Feb 01, 2021 · The theme of Black History Month 2021 is "The Black Family: Representation, Identity, and Diversity," chosen by the Association for the Study of African American Life and History.

  7. May 02, 2021 · BLACK ENTERPRISE is the premier resource for black entrepreneurs, black-owned businesses, and career, tech, and money content for black people.

  8. Are African Americans mixed? - Quora › Are-African-Americans-mixed

    The majority of our ancestors,were taken as slaves anywhere from Senegal to Angola and a very tiny % from East Africa as well. There was likely some color variation in African Americans coming "off the boat"...but I think you are also looking at f...

  9. Could Jamaicans be considered African? - Quora › Could-Jamaicans-be-considered-African

    NO. Africans are from Africa. Jamaican's and other people of the African Diaspora are Black meaning of African decent. However being from African and being of African decent are 2 separate things.

  10. Is Elon Musk African American, Black, or not? - Quora › Is-Elon-Musk-African-American

    Tada! I just watched YouTube video with critics of one Russian scientist by another Russian scientist. It is here in Russian but maybe you could use automatic ...

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