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  1. Albert von Kölliker (born Rudolf Albert Kölliker; 6 July 1817 – 2 November 1905) was a Swiss anatomist, physiologist, and histologist . Contents 1 Biography 2 Works 3 Honors 4 Heterogenesis 5 Notes 6 References 7 Further reading 8 External links Biography [ edit] Albert Kölliker was born in Zurich, Switzerland.

  2. Rudolf Albert von Kölliker, (born July 6, 1817, Zürich, Switz.—died Nov. 2, 1905, Würzburg, Ger.), Swiss embryologist and histologist, one of the first to interpret tissue structure in terms of cellular elements.

  3. Anatomist, physiologist and histologist.

    • 6 Jul 1817Zürich, Switzerland
    • 194311926 · View Source
  4. Albert Von Kölliker (Rudolph Albert Von Kölliker; Zürich, 1817 - Wurzburgo, 1905) Anatómico suizo. Discípulo de Henle, fue uno de los primeros investigadores especializados en en el estudio de la célula y los tejidos (citología e histología).

    • Background Rudolph Albert Kölliker
    • Embriology
    • Histology

    Rudolph Albert Kölliker was born in Zurich, Switzerland. His early education was carried on in Zurich, and he entered the university there in 1836. After two years, however, he moved to the University of Bonn, and later to that of Berlin, becoming a pupil of noted physiologists Johannes Peter Müller and of Friedrich Gustav Jakob Henle. He graduated...

    Kölliker made substantial contributions to the study of zoology. While his earlier efforts were directed to the invertebrates, he soon passed on to the vertebrates, and studied the amphibians and mammalian embryos. He was among the first, if not the very first, to introduce into this branch of biological inquiry the newer microscopic technique the ...

    But neither zoology nor embryology furnished Kölliker’s chief claim to fame. He is best known for his contributions to histology, the knowledge of the minute structure of the animal tissues. Among his earlier results was the demonstration in 1847 that smooth or unstriated muscle is made up of distinct units, of nucleated muscle cells. In this work,...

  5. Swiss Anatomist and Histologist. He received world acclaim for his contributions to the field of zoology, with an early focus on invertebrates. He graduated with a PHd in philosophy at Zurich in 1841, and in medicine at Heidelberg in 1842. In 1844 he became a professor extraordinary of physiology and comparative...

  6. Rudolph Albert von Kölliker (July 6, 1817–November 2, 1905) was a Swiss anatomist and physiologist . Daily Sensitivity Test Guide to balance cleaning: 8 simple steps Essential Laboratory Skills Guide Life Albert Kölliker was born in Zurich, Switzerland. His early education was carried on in Zurich, and he entered the university there in 1836.

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