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  1. Alexandru of Moldavia - Wikipedia

    Alexandru (died on 26 July 1496) was the first-born son of Stephen III of Moldavia and his heir apparent. He participated in his father's fights against the Ottoman Empire and Wallachia from the late 1470s. He had his own court in Bacău from the early 1480s. He was made Stephen III's co-ruler in or before 1490.

  2. Alexander I of Moldavia - Wikipedia

    Alexander the Good (Romanian: Alexandru cel Bun pronounced [alekˈsandru t͡ʃel bun] or Alexandru I Mușat; c. 1375 – 1 January 1432) was a Voivode (Prince) of Moldavia, reigning between 1400 and 1432, son of Roman I Mușat.

    • June 1400 – 1 January 1432
    • Orthodox
  3. Alexandru Iliaș - Wikipediaș

    Alexandru IV was approved Prince of Wallachia by the Ottomans from September 1616 to November 1618 and from October 1629 to September 10, 1630. He was also Prince of Moldavia under the name Alexandru Ilie of September 10, 1620 (after the Battle of Ţuţora) to October 1621 and from December 1631 to April 1633; he died the same year (or 1666).

  4. Alexandru Ioan Cuza | prince of Romania | Britannica

    Alexandru Ioan Cuza, (born March 20, 1820, Huşi, Moldavia [now in Romania]—died May 15, 1873, Heidelberg, Germany), first prince of united Romania, architect of national rural reform and peasant emancipation.

  5. Alexandru IV Lăpușneanu, Voivode of Moldavia, fl. 1552-1568) found : Iorga, N. A history of Roumania, 1924: p. 267 (under Chronological table of the ruling princes, Moldavia: Alexander IV, Lăpușneanu, reigned 1552-1561, 1564-1568)

  6. Alexandru Ghika, Prince of Moldavia and Valachia (1698 - 1741 ...

    Genealogy for Alexandru Ghika, Prince of Moldavia and Valachia (1698 - 1741) family tree on Geni, with over 200 million profiles of ancestors and living relatives. People Projects Discussions Surnames

  7. Alexandru Callimachi - Wikipedia

    Alexandru Callimachi was born in Constantinople. His family were an established Moldavian-Greek Phanariote boyar and princely house. He was the son of Ioan Teodor Callimachi, Prince of Moldavia, and Raliţa Chrisoscoleo.

  8. Alexandru - Wikipedia

    Alexandru Suţu (1758-1821), Prince of Moldavia and Prince of Wallachia Alexandru II Ghica (1796-1862), Prince of Wallachia Alexandru Ioan Cuza (1820-1873), Prince of Moldavia, Domnitor of the United Principalities of Wallachia and Moldavia 1859-1866

  9. Alexander Mourouzis - Wikipedia

    Alexander Mourouzis (Greek: Αλέξανδρος Μουρούζης; (1750/1760 – 1816) was a Grand Dragoman of the Ottoman Empire who served as Prince of Moldavia and Prince of Wallachia. Open to Enlightenment ideas, and noted for his interest in hydrological engineering, Mourouzis was forced to deal with the intrusions of Osman Pazvantoğlu's rebellious troops. In a rare gesture for his period, he renounced the throne in Wallachia, and his second rule in Moldavia was cut short by the ...

  10. Moldavia - Wikipedia

    Grigore Alexandru Ghica allowed the exiled revolutionaries to return to Moldavia c. 1853, which led to the creation of the National Party (Partida Națională), a trans-boundary group of radical union supporters which campaigned for a single state under a foreign dynasty.