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  1. Alfred Louis Charles de Musset-Pathay (French: [al.fʁɛd də my.sɛ]; 11 December 1810 – 2 May 1857) was a French dramatist, poet, and novelist. [1] [2] Along with his poetry, he is known for writing the autobiographical novel La Confession d'un enfant du siècle ( The Confession of a Child of the Century ).

  2. Alfred de Musset, in full Louis-Charles-Alfred de Musset, (born Dec. 11, 1810, Paris, France—died May 2, 1857, Paris), French Romantic dramatist and poet, best known for his plays. Musset’s autobiographical La Confession d’un enfant du siècle (1836; The Confession of a Child of the Century), if not entirely trustworthy, presents a striking picture of Musset’s youth as a member of a ...

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  3. Alfred de Musset was a French dramatist and poet, regarded as one of the first Romantic writers. He was also a prolific novelist of the romantic period and wrote some of the most memorable literary masterpieces of all times. His love for literature began at an early age when he used to perform unrehearsed mini-acts in front of his family, based ...

  4. Alfred de Musset. Hands, Walks, Knows. 60 Copy quote. With a kiss let us set out for an unknown world. Alfred de Musset. Kissing, Unknown Worlds, Hug. 63 Copy quote. Perfection does not exist; to understand it is the triumph of human intelligence; to expect to possess it is the most dangerous kind of madness.

  5. Alfred de Musset was born in December of 1810, in Paris, France. At the age of seventeen, in 1827, he recieved first place in an open competition of French essay, vowing to dedicate himself to the theatre, stating "I want to be Shakespeare or Schiller."

  6. Alfred de Musset est un poète, dramaturge et écrivain français de la période romantique, né le 11 décembre 1810 à Paris, où il meurt le 2 mai 1857 1 . Il fréquente les poètes du Cénacle de Charles Nodier et publie à 19 ans Contes d'Espagne et d'Italie, son premier recueil poétique.

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    Gamiani, or Two Nights of Excess ( French: Gamiani, ou deux nuits d'excès) is a French erotic novel first published in 1833. Its authorship is anonymous, but it is believed to have been written by Alfred de Musset and the lesbian eponymous heroine a portrait of his lover, George Sand. [1] It became a bestseller among nineteenth century erotic ...

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