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  1. In most constellations, the brightest star is designated Alpha and the next brightest Beta etc. For example, the brightest star in the constellation of Centaurus is known as Alpha Centauri. For historical reasons, the Greek designations of some constellations begin with a lower ranked letter. International Phonetic Alphabet

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    • Alpha v Beta: An Overview
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    Alpha and beta are two of the key measurements used to evaluate the performance of a stock, a fund, or an investment portfolio.

    Alpha measures the amount that the investment has returned in comparison to the market index or other broad benchmark that it is compared against. 1

    Beta measures the relative volatility of an investment. It is an indication of its relative risk. 1

    Alpha and beta are standard calculations that are used to evaluate an investment portfolio’s returns, along with standard deviation, R-squared, and the Sharpe ratio .

    Both alpha and beta are historical measures of past performances.

    Alpha shows how well (or badly) a stock has performed in comparison to a benchmark index. 1

    The alpha figure for a stock is represented as a single number, like 3 or -5. However, the number actually indicates the percentage above or below a benchmark index that the stock or fund price achieved. In this case, the stock or fund did 3% better and 5% worse, respectively, than the index.

    An alpha of 1.0 means the investment outperformed its benchmark index by 1%. An alpha of -1.0 means the investment underperformed its benchmark index by 1%. If the alpha is zero, its return matched the benchmark.

    Note, alpha is a historical number. It's useful to track a stock's alpha over time to see how it did, but it can't tell you how it will do tomorrow.

    For individual investors, alpha helps reveal how a stock or fund might perform in relation to its peers or to the market as a whole.

    Often referred to as the beta coefficient, beta is an indication of the volatility of a stock, a fund, or a stock portfolio in comparison with the market as a whole. 1 A benchmark index (most commonly the S&P 500) is used as the proxy measurement for the market. Knowing how volatile a stock's price is can help an investor decide whether it is worth the risk.

    The baseline number for beta is one, which indicates that the security's price moves exactly as the market moves. A beta of less than 1 means that the security is less volatile than the market, while a beta greater than 1 indicates that its price is more volatile than the market.

    If a stock's beta is 1.5, it is considered to be 50% more volatile than the overall market.

    Like alpha, beta is a historical number.

    Here are the betas for three well-known stocks on November 2021:

    Micron Technology Inc. ( MU) : 1.27 2

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  2. Alpha Betas: Created by Chris Bruno, David Howard Lee. With Brent Morin, Kate Thulin, Evan Fong, Tyler Wine. Four top gamers are hired by the US government to drop into the virtual realm of video games to save those pixelated worlds from peril to prevent dire consequences in the real world.

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  4. The software release life cycle is the process of developing, testing, and distributing a software product. It typically consists of several stages, such as pre-alpha, alpha, beta, and release candidate, before the final version, or "gold," is released to the public. Pre-alpha refers to the early stages of development, when the software is ...

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    The terms were used almost solely in animal ethology prior to the 1990s' particularly in regard to mating privileges with females, ability to hold territory, and hierarchy in terms of food consumption within their herd or flock. In animal ethology, beta refers to an animal who is subordinate to a higher-ranking members in the social hierarchy, thus...

    The view that there is a dominance hierarchy among humans consisting of "alpha males" and "beta males" is sometimes reported in the mainstream media. The term alpha male is often applied to any dominating man, especially bullies, despite the fact that dominating behaviour is rarely seen as a positive trait for either an ideal date or a romantic par...

    "Alpha fux beta bux"

    In the manosphere, the term alpha fux beta bux presupposes a sexual strategy of hypergamy or "marrying up" among women whereby they prefer and have sex with "alpha" males, but settle for less attractive "beta" males for financial reasons. Sometimes it expresses a belief that women marry beta males to exploit them financially, while continuing to have extramarital sex with alpha males. Ging explains these beliefs as an effort by young men in the Western world to cope with their limited economi...

    Beta orbiter

    A beta orbiter is a beta male who invests time and effort into mingling with women in the hope of eventually getting into a romantic relationship or having sex with them. The term earned some media attention in 2019 with the murder of Bianca Devins. A man killed the 17-year-old Devins and posted photographs of her body online, one of which bore the caption, "sorry fuckers, you're going to have to find somebody else to orbit."

    Beta uprising

    The term beta uprising or incel rebellion has been used largely among incels to refer to revenge by members of their community who have been overlooked by women. It is also sometimes used to describe a movement to overthrow what they view as an oppressive, feminist society. A 2018 vehicle-ramming attack in Toronto, Canada, was allegedly perpetrated by a man who had posted on his Facebook page just prior to the attack, "the Incel Rebellion has already begun". Media outlets have used the terms...

  5. Understanding The Alpha, Beta, Omega and other Personality Types. When it comes to personalities, you must have heard of the Alpha, Beta, Omega personality types, along with others such as Gamma, Delta, and Sigma. Altogether there are six socio sexual hierarchy ranks. This post gives you a detailed understanding of each of the personality types.

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