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  1. Amel-Marduk's administrative duties probably began before he became king, during the last few weeks or months of his father's reign when Nebuchadnezzar was ill and dying. Having ruled for 43 years, Nebuchadnezzar's reign was the longest of his dynasty [18] and he would be remembered favourably by the Babylonians.

  2. Jeconiah/Jehoiachin. Zedekiah. Jehoiachin, also known as Jeconiah (Hebrew: יְכָנְיָה, jəxɔnjɔh, meaning " God will fortify"), was one of the last kings of Judah. The son of King Jehoiakim, his reign in Jerusalem began upon the death of his father around 598 B.C.E. at the age of 18, near the beginning of the Babylonian siege of ...

  3. antiga religião mesopotâmica. Evil-Merodaque, Evil-Marduque ou ainda Amel-Marduque (em acádio: ; romaniz .: Amēl-Marduk; em hebraico: אֱוִיל מְרֹדַךְ; romaniz .: ʾĕwīl marōḏaḵ , que significa “homem de Marduque”) foi o terceiro soberano do Império Neobabilônico, filho e sucessor de Nabucodonosor II.

  4. Labashi-Marduk was the son and heir of Neriglissar ( r. 560–556 BC), the fourth king of the Neo-Babylonian Empire. Labashi-Marduk's mother was a daughter of Nebuchadnezzar II ( r. 605–562 BC), [2] the empire's second and most powerful king. [3] Three daughters of Nebuchadnezzar are known; Kashshaya, Innin-etirat and Ba'u-asitu, but no ...

  5. Joannès, Francis. "Amel-Marduk" In Encyclopedia of the Bible and Its Reception Online edited by Constance M. Furey, Joel Marcus LeMon, Thomas Chr. Römer, Jens Schröter, Barry Dov Walfish, Eric Ziolkowski and Peter Gemeinhardt.

  6. Nov 26, 2005 · Daughter: Kasšaya (married to Neriglissar) Nebuchadnezzar II (c 634 – 562 BC) was a ruler of Babylon in the Chaldean Dynasty, who reigned c. 605 BC – 562 BC. According to the Bible, he conquered Judah and Jerusalem, and sent the Jews into exile. He is credited with the construction of the Hanging Gardens of Babylon.

  7. nlwiki Amel-Marduk; nowiki Amel-Marduk; plwiki Amel-Marduk; ptwiki Evil-Merodaque; ruwiki Амель-Мардук; shwiki Amel-Marduk; skwiki Amel-Marduk; tlwiki Evil Merodac; ukwiki Амель-Мардук; urwiki اویل مرودک; viwiki Amel-Marduk; zh_min_nanwiki Amel-Marduk; zh_yuewiki 以未米羅達; zhwiki 以未米羅達

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