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    Amram in Arabic is spelled عمران ( ‘Imrān / ɪmˈrɑːn / ). He was the father of Musa and Harun. In the Quran there is a whole chapter named Al-Imran. He is sometimes confused with Maryam’s father, whose name is also Imran, mentioned in at least two verses as the father of Maryam, the mother of Isa.

  2. Amram, son of Kehot, led the Jewish people in Egypt and fathered three of the greatest leaders in Jewish history: Moses , Aaron , and Miriam . This article will provide a sparse recounting of his life based upon information gleaned from The Five Books, Talmud , Midrash , and the commentaries.

  3. Amram Father of Moses. Amram was mentioned in the Bible as one of the four sons of Kohath and the grandson of Levi. He was named first among his siblings followed by Izhar, Hebron, and Uzziel. He is found on the Bible Timeline Poster at 1600 BC.

  4. A son of Kohath, and grandson of Levi. He married his own aunt, Jochebed, Kohath's sister, by whom he became the father of Moses, Aaron, and Miriam (Ex. vi. 18-20; Num. iii. 19, xxvi. 58; I Chron. vi. 2, 3, 18). From him were descended the Amramites, a Kohathite branch of the tribe of Levi.

  5. Amram whose Hebrew name means: Exalted People, like his wife Jochebed are of the tribe of Levi. They were Moses’ father and mother. Amram lived 137 years. Amram and his wife served God and all though we know not a lot about them, their son Moses saved the Israelis from the Egyptians. Background Reading:

  6. Easton's Bible Dictionary - Amram. Amram [N] [H] [S] kindred of the High; i.e., "friend of Jehovah." The son of Kohath, the son of Levi. He married Jochebed, "his father's sister," and was the father of Aaron, Miriam, and Moses ( Exodus 6:18 Exodus 6:20 ; Numbers 3:19 ). He died in Egypt at the age of 137 years ( Exodus 6:20 ).

  7. Jul 29, 2020 · Amram and Jochebed saw that Moses was special, so they knew that they had to hide him from Pharaoh’s murderous designs. In this act of hiding, they acted by faith, not fearing the king’s edict that all the male Hebrew babies had to be killed (Ex. 1:22).

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