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    Anders is a male name in Scandinavian languages and Fering North Frisian, an equivalent of the Greek Andreas ("manly") and the English Andrew. It originated from Andres via metathesis. In Sweden, Anders has been one of the most common names for many centuries, earliest attested in 1378. It was common for priests and farmers during medieval times.

    • Male
    • Andreas, Andrew, Andres
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    Anders initially gained popularity after his hit single "Diamonds." He is best known for the EP Twos and his collaboration with Canadian DJ duo Loud Luxury for the song " Love No More," which they performed at iHeartRadio Jingle Ball 2018 at the Scotiabank Arena.

    • Singer, songwriter
    • R&B
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    Anders was born and raised in a small village in Ferelden. His father was originally from the Anderfels, but had come to Ferelden as a boy. Anders was well-liked in his village, and could often be seen surrounded by a gaggle of village children. When he was twelve years old, he accidentally set a barn on fire with magic. While his mother still loved him and wanted to protect him, his father grew afraid of him and called the templars. He was handcuffed and taken by the templars to the Circle Tower in Ferelden.The only personal possession he was allowed to keep was a pillow hand-embroidered by his mother. Upon arriving to the Circle, Anders refused to speak, not even to tell the other apprentices his name. They began calling him "the Ander" because of his Anders heritage, and Anders eventually became the only name he'd use. Anders despised the Circle and compared it to a prison. His first escape attempt was made six months after arriving there. When asked why he escaped, he tearfully...

    Dragon Age II

    Act 1 Act 2 Act 3 Mark of the Assassin Arcane Feathers

    Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening

    Anders takes great pride in his appearance and enjoys fine things.

    Dragon Age II

    1. The Tevinter Chantry Amulet can be found during the quest A Bitter Pill.

    As you befriend Anders in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening and gain his approval, he will gain the following additional skills:

    Below are the spots where the player can initiate dialogue with Anders in Dragon Age: Origins - Awakening: 1. Vigil's Keep: The statue of Andrastein the middle of the courtyard. 2. City of Amaranthine: A pine tree on the left side of the path just before the first gate. 3. Kal'Hirol - Trade Quarter: A basket of lyriumat the far end of the forge area (where the repair anvil is). 4. Vigil's Keep - Throne Room: By clicking on Anders.

    David Gaider wrote Anders in Awakening, while Jennifer Hepler took over the role for Dragon Age II. However, David Gaider confirmedthat the role Anders plays in the sequel was set by himself prior...
    Anders will recognise an imported mage Warden from the Circle in Awakeningand certain dialogue choices with him are different in this case.
    Though Anders uses a fire spell when you first meet him in Awakening, he does not have the spell when he joins the party.
    If Anders specializes in Blood Magic, the player can have another additional line of dialogue with Anders when speaking about Anders's past with the templars. When Anders remarks there really isn't...

    If Hawke is in a romance with Anders but kills him in the end, or spares him but breaks up with him before the last battle, in the epilogue Varric mistakenly says that all the companions parted way...

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    • Mage
    • Human
    • Male
    • Circle Mage (formerly) Grey Warden
  6. Anders | The 100 Wiki | Fandom
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    Anders was a recurring character in the seventh season. He is portrayed by Neal McDonough and debuts in "Welcome to Bardo". He was the First Disciple, a position that acted as the factions leader in the absence of the Shephard, Bill Cadogan.

    Not much is known about his early life. He is one of the descendants of the original humans that crossed over from Earth after escaping the Nuclear Apocalypse.

    Anders was a tall white male with short white hair and blue eyes, he also had a Anomaly symbol tattoos on his face. He also wore a full white uniform.

    • 50s
    • Welcome to Bardo
    • Unknown; Bardo
    • Male
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    anders is a recording artist born and raised in the city of Toronto. With just two EPs, he's already garnered a loyal global following which is quickly growing by day. His genre-bending discography, which infuses the infectious elements of Pop with ominous R&B, has been featured on Ebro Darden's

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    Władysław Anders, (born Aug. 11, 1892, Błonie, Pol., Russian Empire—died May 12, 1970, London, Eng.), commanding officer of the Polish army in the Middle East and Italy during World War II who became a leading figure among the anticommunist Poles who refused to return to their homeland after the war.

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