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  1. Floodland (album) - Wikipedia › wiki › Floodland_(album)

    6 days ago · At the end of February 1986, the record label Merciful Release announced that the "forthcoming Andrew Eldritch album which for some months has had the working title Left on Mission and Revenge." The album was eventually titled Gift, being released in July 1986, again by the Sisterhood. It was recorded at Fairview Studios in Willerby, Hull.

  2. Mall goth - Wikipedia › wiki › Mall_goth

    5 days ago · Mallgoths (also known as spooky kids) are a subculture that began in the late-1990s in the United States. Originating as a pejorative to describe people who dressed goth for the fashion rather than culture, it eventually developed its own culture based around nu metal, industrial metal, emo and Hot Topic.

  3. Totalitarianism - RationalWiki › wiki › Totalitarianism

    6 days ago · Totalitarianism is a rhetorical term deployed to indicate "really repressive tyranny." By implication, some tyrannies or authoritarian regimes are more repressive than others and therefore merit a special designation.

  4. Goldberg: For Democrats, filibuster is only a malevolent tool ... › opinion › national-commentary

    4 days ago · But what I don’t get is how something can be cursed, or evil, or otherwise tainted with eldritch energy — but only when certain people use it. And yet, that’s precisely how Democrats talk ...

  5. Commentary: For Democrats, filibuster is only a malevolent ... › opinion › commentary

    5 days ago · But what I don't get is how something can be cursed, or evil, or otherwise tainted with eldritch energy — but only when certain people use it. And yet, that's precisely how Democrats talk about ...

  6. Strixhaven: School of Mages - MTG Wiki › wiki › Strixhaven:_School_of_Mages

    4 days ago · This article documents an upcoming release. Information may change rapidly as the release date comes closer, and the current information may be unreliable. Magic: The Gathering Chronology Strixhaven: School of Mages, often shortened as Strixhaven, is the 87th Magic expansion. It is set at the Strixhaven school on the plane of Arcavios.345 It is scheduled to be released on April 23, 2021. 1 Set ...

  7. Fish Wrangler - a top rated, passive fishing game › fishwrangler › tournament

    5 days ago · Fish Wrangler is a top rated, free-to-play, passive fishing game! Start your journey now!

  8. The 69 Eyes – Wikipédia, a enciclopédia livre › wiki › The_69_Eyes

    6 days ago · The 69 Eyes é uma banda finlandesa de rock, formada em 1989 em Helsinque.O grupo formado por Jyrki 69 (), Jussi 69 (), Archzie (), Timo-Timo (guitarra rítmica) e Bazie (guitarra solo) é frequentemente citado como um dos expoentes do que batizaram de “goth 'n roll”, um estilo que se refere à uma fusão entre rock gótico e rock and roll

  9. Persone di cognome Taylor - Wikipedia › wiki › Persone_di_cognome_Taylor

    6 days ago · Andrew Eldritch, musicista britannico (n.1959) Ebo Taylor, musicista e cantante ghanese (n.1936) John Taylor, musicista britannico (Birmingham, n.1960) Dick Taylor, musicista e cantautore inglese (Dartford, n.1943) Numismatici (1) George Francis Taylor, numismatico, storico e archeologo britannico (†2011)

  10. Supernatural Wiki - Super-wiki › index
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    The effect of the COVID-19 pandemic has been felt around the world, and has affected the SPNFamily. On 13th March it was announced that Supernatural, along with all other Warner Brothers TV series, had shut down production until further notice. Supernatural had just finished filming day one of the 19th and second last episode and had just over two weeks left of filming on its final season.

    A one-day GISH challenge funded over 250,000 meals for kids affected by school closures - as well as some wonderful whacky activities!
    Fundraising by Nerds and Beyond’s Festival and Beyondas well as an online auction helped Random Acts raise over $40,000 for organisations supporting people affected during the pandemic.
    Check out all the Charity T-shirt Campaignsand how many shirts have been sold.
    Read about the history and success of the Always Keep FightingCampaign.
    The album by Jensen and Steve Carlson as Radio Company is now available for purchase. They have released a limited edition vinyl version of their album Vol.1 for pre-order along with band merchandi...
    Richard Speight has released an album as"Dick Jr. & The Volunteers" called The Dance and How To Do It (2019) produced by Jason Manns. It was launched at the Roxy on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles...
    Supernatural got a cheeky shout-out from Kansas at a recent concert. Acknowledging the news that Show was coming to an end, they bought a gravestoneon stage with “Winchester” written on it before s...
    Check out our new Music Gig Calendarfor upcoming concerts, outside of the convention circuit.
    All the upcoming Supernatural conventions are listed on our Convention Calendar.
    Nerds and Beyond ran an incredible online Convention called Festival and Beyond. There were two days of panels with guests including Brianna Buckmaster, Rachel Miner, Creation photographer Chris Sc...
    "Lessons learned, one con at a time!" "Conventional Wisdom" is a collection of stories about the impact of conventions. You can buy it here.
    A new Star Trek series called Star Trek: Strange New Worlds is in the works featuring Captain Pike (Anson Mount), Spock (Ethan Peck) and Number One 9Rebecca Romijn) who were hugely popular in the s...
    Due out in May is a new collection of essays called There'll Be Peace When You Are Done, written by actors and fans celebrating Supernatural.
    Looking for a Supernatural fanfic or art challenge to take part in our read? Then check out this amazing database of over 90 Big Bangs and over 160 other types of challenges compiled by Alyndra!

    A round-up of the masterposts for the major fic/art challenges in 2019: 1. DeanCasBig Bang 2. DeanCas Pine fest 3. DeanCas TropeFest 4. WincestBig Bang 5. Team Free WillBig Bang 6. SPN Holiday Mixtape 7. SPN Canon Big Bang 8. SPN Darkfic Big Bang 9. SPN EldritchBang 10. SPN-J2 Big Bang 11. SPN Reverse Bang 12. SPN Trope fest 13. Wincest Reverse Bang 14. Wincest Big Bang 15. SPN Cinema Coming Soon: 1. 2020 Team Free Will Big Bang sign-ups are open 2. Artist signups are open for the SPN Dystopia Bang 3. Sign-ups now open for 2020 SPN Gabriel Bingo 4. Asexual SPN Mini Bang- signups open January 18. 5. Dean Winchester Big Bang- posting starts February 1. 6. Perfect Pair Big Bang- posting starts April 1. 7. Sam Winchester Big Bang- posting starts January 13. 8. Dean/Cas Reverse Challenge- art previews available January 4; author claims open January 11.

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