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    Angel Jacob, Actress: Silong. Angel Jacob is an actress and producer, known for Silong (2015), Namets! (2008) and Dahil may isang ikaw (2009).

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    Jacob is on his way to visit his estranged brother Esau, hoping to reconcile with him, when he encounters the mysterious man on a riverbank at night. The story is told in the Bible and Torah in the Book of Genesis, chapter 32. Verses 24 through 28 describe the wrestling match between Jacob and the man, in which Jacob ultimately prevails.

    After the man gives Jacob a new name, Jacob asks the man to reveal his own name. Verses 29 through 32 of Genesis show that the man doesn't really answer, but Jacob identifies the place of their encounter with a name that reflects its meaning.

    Later, in the Book of Hosea, the Bible and the Torahmention Jacob's wrestling again. However, the way Hosea 12:3-4 refers to the event is just as unclear, because in verse 3 it says that Jacob "struggled with God" and in verse 4 it says that Jacob "struggled with the angel."

    Some people identify Archangel Phanuel as the man who wrestles with Jacob because of the connection between Phanuel's name and the name "Peniel." This is the name Jacob gave to the place where he struggled with the man. In his book "Of Scribes And Sages: Early Jewish Interpretation And Transmission Of Scripture, Volume 2," Craig A. Evans writes: "In Gen. 32:31, Jacob names the place of his wrestling with God as 'Peniel' — the Face of God. Scholars believe that the angelic name 'Phanuel' and the place 'Peniel' are etymologically connected." Morton Smith writes in his book "Christianity, Judaism, and Other Greco-Roman Cults" that the earliest existing manuscripts indicate that Jacob was wrestling with God in angelic form. Later versions say that Jacob wrestled with an archangel. "According to this Biblical text, the happy ending of Jacob's wrestle with a mysterious opponent, the patriarch called the site of the encounter Peniel/Penuel (Phanuel). Pointing initially to his divine advers...

    Some people say that the man who wrestles with Jacob is the Angel of the Lord. "So who is the 'man' who wrestles with Jacob on the riverbank and finally blesses him with a new name? God...the Angel of the Lord Himself," writes Larry L. Lichtenwalter in his book "Wrestling with Angels: In the Grip of Jacob’s God." In her book "The Messenger of the Lord in Early Jewish Interpretations of Genesis," Camilla Hélena von Heijne writes: "Jacob's naming of the place and the word 'face' in verse 30 is a key word. It denotes personal presence, in this case, divine presence. To seek God’s face is to seek His presence." This famous story about Jacob can inspire all of us to wrestle with God and angelsin our lives to strengthen our faith, Lichtenwalter writes in "Wrestling with Angels." Sources: Evans, Craig A. "Of Scribes And Sages: Early Jewish Interpretation And Transmission Of Scripture." Volume 1, 1 Edition, Bloomsbury T&T Clark, November 30, 2004. Hélena von Heijne, Camilla. "The Messenger...

  2. Angel Jacob is an actress and producer, known for (2015), (2012) and (2010).. Born on , , Angel hails from , , . As in 2021, Angel Jacob‘s age is * years. Check below for more deets about Angel Jacob. This page will put a light upon the Angel Jacob bio, wiki, age, birthday, family details, affairs, boyfriend, controversies, caste, height ...

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    According to the folk etymology found in Genesis 25:26, the name Yaʿaqōv יעקב‎ is derived from ʿaqev עָקֵב‎ "heel", as Jacob was born grasping the heel of his twin brother Esau. The historical origin of the name is uncertain, although similar names have been recorded. Yaqub-Har is recorded as a place name in a list by Thutmose III (15th century BC), and later as the nomen of a Hyksos pharaoh. The hieroglyphs are ambiguous, and can be read as "Yaqub-Har", "Yaqubaal", or "Yaqub El". The same name is recorded earlier still, in c. 1800 BC, in cuneiform inscriptions (spelled ya-ah-qu-ub-el, ya-qu-ub-el). The suggestion that the personal name may be shortened from this compound name, which would translate to "may El protect", originates with Bright (1960). The Septuagint renders the name Ιακωβος, whence Latin Jacobus, English Jacob. The name Israel given to Jacob following the episode of his wrestling with the angel (Genesis 32:22–32) is etymologized as composition of אֵל‎ el "god" and th...

    Jewish tradition

    There are two opinions in the Midrash as to how old Rebecca was at the time of her marriage and, consequently, at the twins' birth. According to the traditional counting cited by Rashi, Isaac was 37 years old at the time of the Binding of Isaac, and news of Rebecca's birth reached Abraham immediately after that event. In that case, since Isaac was 60 when Jacob and Essau were born and they had been married for 20 years, then Isaac was 40 years old when he married Rebecca (Gen. 25:20), making...


    The Eastern Orthodox Church and those Eastern Catholic Churches which follow the Byzantine Rite see Jacob's dream as a prophecy of the incarnation of the Logos, whereby Jacob's ladder is understood as a symbol of the Theotokos (Virgin Mary), who, according to Eastern Orthodox theology, united heaven and earth in her womb.[citation needed] The biblical account of this vision is one of the standard Old Testament readings at Vespers on Great Feastsof the Theotokos. The Eastern and Western Church...

    Islamic tradition

    Two further references to Isra'il (Arabic: إِسْرَآئِیل [ˈisraāˈiyl]; Classical/ Quranic Arabic: إِسْرَآءِیْل [ˈisraāãˈiyl]) are believed to be mention of Jacob. The Arabic form Ya'qūb (Arabic: يَعْقُوب‎, romanized: Yaʿqūb may be direct from the Hebrew or indirect through Syriac. He is recognized in Islam as a prophet who received inspiration from God. He is acknowledged as a patriarch of Islam. Muslims believe that he preached the same monotheistic faith as his forefathers ʾIbrāhīm, ʾIsḥāq an...

    Although archaeologist and biblical scholar William F. Albright maintained (c. 1961) that the narratives of Abraham and Jacob could be dated to about the 19th century BCE;, John J. Bimson wrote in 1980: "Since then ... there has been a strong reaction against the use of archaeological evidence in support of the biblical traditions, and Albright's comment could not be repeated with any truth today." Nahum M. Sarna (1978) noted that an inability to date the narratives of the patriarchs does not necessarily invalidate their historicity,a view supported by Bimson, who admited that "Our knowledge of the centuries around 2000 BC is very small, and our ignorance very great." Gerhard von Rad, in his Old Testament Theology (1962) postulated that the patriarchal narratives describe actual events subsequently interpreted by the community through its own experience.Other scholars, such as Thomas L. Thompson, view the narratives as late literary compositions (6th and 5th centuries BCE) that have...

    Trachtenberg, Joshua (1939), Jewish Magic and Superstition: A Study in Folk Religion, New York: Behrman's Jewish Book house
    Buechner, Frederick (1993), The Son of Laughter, New York: HarperSanFrancisco
  5. The angel agrees, blesses Jacob, and even bestows upon him a new name, Israel. Among its meanings is that Jacob has received the blessings in a noble manner, rather than by fraud. 10 In commemoration of this episode, the Jewish people are forbidden to eat the gid ha-nasheh 11 of an animal, which corresponds anatomically to Jacob’s injured ...

  6. Jacob wrestling with the angel is described in Genesis ( 32 :22–32; also referenced in Hosea 12:3–5). The "angel" in question is referred to as "man" ( אִישׁ) and "God" in Genesis, while Hosea references an "angel" ( מַלְאָךְ ). The account includes the renaming of Jacob as Israel (etymologized as "contends-with- God ").

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