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    Bunting is a form of animal behavior, often found in cats, in which the animal butts or rubs their head against other things, including people. Bunting as a behaviour can be viewed as a variation of scent rubbing. This is when an animal, typically a carnivore, will rub its back on a scent such as prey or the urine of an animal of the same species.

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    Subcategories. This category has the following 26 subcategories, out of 26 total. Animals by continent‎ (7 C)

  3. A zoological garden, zoological park, or zoo is a place where many different species types of animals are kept so people can see and watch them.. Modern zoos try not only to be for people's entertainment, but for education, research, and the conservation and protection of animals.

  4. Official Super Animal Royale Wiki

    Super Animal Royale is a top-down multiplayer survival shooter for up to 64 adorably murderous Super Animals. Select your favorite from a menu of foxes, pandas, kitty cats, and other bloodthirsty beasts.

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    The Animal Crossing Wiki is a collaborative encyclopedia for everything related to the Animal Crossing series. There are 2,785 articles and growing since this wiki was founded in August 2005. The wiki format allows anyone to create or edit any article, so we can all work together to create a comprehensive database for the Animal Crossing series.

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    Welcome to the Animal Jam Wiki; Welcome to the Animal Jam Wiki, or the AJ Wiki for short. We are a community revolved around anything relating to Animal Jam, an online game developed by WildWorks; however, we hold no affiliation with the actual game.

  7. Animals - Wiki

    A Tier 10 Animal (also known as a Top Tier Animal) is an animal which requires you have evolved nine times in order to be one. All Tier 10 animals are currently the latest animals, and cannot evolve any further. They are usually the most powerful aswell.

  8. Regnul Animalia - Wikipedia

    Un animal este un organism pluricelular, heterotrof, deci care nu își poate produce el însuși substanțele organice necesare hrănirii (cum fac plantele, algele și bacteriile albastre verzi prin fotosinteză), fiind nevoit să folosească substanțe organice gata preparate luate din mediu.

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    Flowers are plants that appear in the Animal Crossing series. They will randomly generate throughout the town once a new save file is created. They can be planted either by players or villagers, although some special flowers only occur when specific criteria are satisfied. Flowers will grow throughout the year. They serve a variety of purposes, such as attracting bugs and developing a perfect ...

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    The Animals é uma banda inglesa de rock formada em Newcastle upon Tyne por Eric Burdon (), Alan Price (), Hilton Valentine (), John Steel e Chas Chandler ().. Buscavam as raízes do blues e do folk, executaram versões de Chuck Berry (com quem fizeram uma turnê), Bob Dylan, Nina Simone, Little Richard e Bo Diddley.