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  1. Aleksandr Mikhailovich of Tver - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Life. Aleksandr was a second son of Prince Mikhail of Tver by his wife, Anna of Kashin.As a young man, his appanages included Kholm and Mikulin.In 1322, he continued the Tver princes' opposition to the rise of Moscow when he rather spectacularly waylaid Grand Prince Yury of Moscow (who had schemed against Aleksandr's father to gain the yarlyk or patent of office from the khan of the Golden ...

    • 7 October 1301
    • Anastasia of Halych
  2. Dmitry of Tver - Wikipedia

    4 days ago · Dmitry Mikhaylovich of Tver (Russian: Дми́трий Миха́йлович Тверcко́й) (1299 – September 15, 1326), nicknamed The Fearsome Eyes (Гро́зные О́чи), was a Grand Prince of Tver (from 1318 to 1326) and Grand Prince of Vladimir (from 1322 to 1326). He was a son of Mikhail of Tver and Anna of Kashin.

  3. List of Russian consorts - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · List of Russian consorts Jump to ... Anna of Kashin: ... 1280 8 November 1294 1304 1318 2 October 1368 Mikhail of Tver - Anastasia of Halych - - c.1320 ...

  4. Anna Jagellona - Wikipedia

    6 days ago · Anna Jagellona nacque nel 1523 dal re e dalla regina polacchi, Sigismondo I il Vecchio e Bona Sforza. Visse un'infanzia piuttosto intensa. Visse un'infanzia piuttosto intensa. Sapeva ricamare paramenti sacri, fu coinvolta in opere di carità, e compiva seriamente i suoi doveri di principessa.

  5. Władysław II Jagiełło - Wikipedia

    Jogaila , later Władysław II Jagiełło (Polish pronunciation: [vwaˈdɨswaf jaˈɡʲɛwːɔ] ) (c. 1352/1362 – 1 June 1434) was the Grand Duke of Lithuania (1377–1434) and then the King of Poland (1386–1434), first alongside his wife Jadwiga until 1399, and then sole King of Poland. He ruled in Lithuania from 1377.

  6. Feodor I of Russia - Wikipedia

    Background. Feodor was born in Moscow, the son of Ivan IV (The Terrible) by his first wife Anastasia Romanovna.Although he was the sixth and youngest child of his mother, he grew up with only one older brother, Ivan, because all his other older siblings died before Feodor was one year old.

  7. Sigismund I the Old - Wikipedia

    Sigismund I the Old (Polish: Zygmunt I Stary, Lithuanian: Žygimantas II Senasis; 1 January 1467 – 1 April 1548) was King of Poland and Grand Duke of Lithuania from 1506 until his death in 1548. Sigismund I was a member of the Jagiellonian dynasty , the son of Casimir IV and younger brother of kings John I Albert and Alexander I Jagiellon .

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  9. Lista över Rysslands statsöverhuvuden – Wikipedia

    porträtt Svenskt namn Ryskt namn Regeringstid Levnadstid Kievriket (860–1263) se Lista över Kievrikets regenter. Rurikdynastins olika furstendömen (1168–1547) De ryska furstendömena är skattepliktiga till mongolerna under perioden från 1240-talet till 1450-talet.

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