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  1. Francis II, Duke of Brittany. Mother. Margaret of Foix. Signature. Anne of Brittany ( Breton: Anna; 25/26 January 1477 [1] – 9 January 1514 [2]) was reigning Duchess of Brittany from 1488 until her death, and Queen of France from 1491 to 1498 and from 1499 to her death. She was the only woman to have been queen consort of France twice.

  2. Feb 12, 2024 · Anne Of Brittany (born Jan. 25, 1477, Nantes, Fr.—died Jan. 9, 1514, Blois) was the duchess of Brittany and twice queen consort of France, who devoted her life to safeguarding the autonomy of Brittany within the kingdom of France. Daughter of Duke Francis II of Brittany and Margaret of Foix, Anne succeeded to her father’s duchy on Sept. 9 ...

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  3. Oct 22, 2019 · They married on December 6, 1491, and Anne was crowned Queen of France on February 8, 1492. In becoming Queen, she had to give up her title as Duchess of Brittany. After that marriage, Charles had Anne's marriage to Maximilian annulled. The marriage contract between Anne and Charles specified that whoever outlived the other would inherit Brittany.

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  4. Anne of Brittany was born on 26 January 1477 in the city of Nantes, as the eldest daughter of Duke François II of Bretagne and his second wife Margaret of Foix, Infanta of Navarre. Her father had no children surviving from his first marriage. Anne would later have a sister named Isabelle, who was four years younger.

  5. May 8, 2018 · Anne of Brittany (1477 – 1514) Queen consorts of France and Duchess of Brittany, Anne was a wealthy patroness of Renaissance art and music who devoted her life to keeping Brittany independent of French control. Born in Nantes, a port city of the Breton coast, she was the daughter of Duke Francis II and Margaret of Foix.

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  7. May 16, 2016 · By Susan Abernethy. Anne of Brittany was born in the Castle of Nantes on January 25, 1477. A sister named Isabeau was born a few years later. Her father was Duke Francis II of Brittany and her mother was Marguerite, sister of the Comte de Foix. Anne’s tutoring was administered by the prominent Breton noblewoman Françoise de Dinan.

  8. Women in World History: A Biographical Encyclopedia. Anne of Brittany (c. 1477–1514)French queen, patron of the arts, and a powerful force in her brief lifetime. Name variations: Anne de Bretagne; duchess of Brittany. Born in Nantes, France, on January 26, 1477 (some sources cite 1476); died afterchildbirth on January 9, 1514 (some sources ...

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