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  1. Anton Bruckner was born in Ansfelden (then a village, now a suburb of Linz) on 4 September 1824.The ancestors of Bruckner's family were farmers and craftsmen; their history can be traced as far back as the 16th century.

  2. The Bruckner Discography and The Bruckner Archive Thank you for visiting, an online discography of Anton Bruckner's symphonies and orchestral compositions and home of the Bruckner Archive. This discography is an attempt to list every Bruckner orchestral recording offered to the public. This includes commercial recordings, pirate recordings, radio transcriptions that were in general release (i.e. not custom copies), and some limited promotional distributions.

  3. Aug 31, 2021 · Anton Bruckner, in full Josef Anton Bruckner, (born Sept. 4, 1824, Ansfelden, Austria—died Oct. 11, 1896, Vienna), Austrian composer of a number of highly original and monumental symphonies. He was also an organist and teacher who composed much sacred and secular choral music .

  4. Anton Bruckner is best remembered for his ‘Symphony No. 4’, which he nicknamed ‘Romantic’. Originally composed in 1874, it had been revised several times until 1888. Its first performance, taking place in 1881 in Vienna under Hans Richter, was greatly acclaimed. Even today, it remains one of his most popular works.

  5. Bruckner considered the Sixth Symphony in A major to be among his boldest works. “Die Sechste, die keckste” (“the sixth, the brashest”), as he wittily put it. The Sixth has, nevertheless, long been regarded as something of a “stepchild,” to borrow Robert Haas’s term, and has always been among the least often performed of Bruckner’s symphonies.

    • Family life. Bruckner was born in 1824 in Ansfeld. His very protective father worked as a schoolteacher, as well as an organist. He taught Bruckner how to play the organ as a child and he also taught him the basics of early music education.
    • He was a great teacher. Bruckner’s mother insisted that he take up a career as a teacher despite his obvious talent for music. He went to a teaching seminar in Linz in 1840 and passed very well, which acquired him a position as a teacher’s assistant in Windhaag.
    • Death-obsessed. It is reported that Bruckner commissioned someone to take a photograph of his dead mother, which he proudly displayed in his teaching room despite never having pictures of her when she was alive.
    • OCD. Bruckner was well known for his compulsion to count comparatively capricious objects and he was also known to repeat certain words severally for no reason.
  6. Anton Bruckner's Symphony No. 4 in E-flat major is one of the composer's most popular works. It was written in 1874 and revised several times through 1888. I...

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