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  1. Antonio Banderas, in full José Antonio Domínguez Banderas, (born August 10, 1960, Málaga, Spain), Spanish-born film actor and director whose good looks, sensuality, and emotional range made him a leading international star.

  2. The name Antonio is boy's name of Spanish, Italian origin. Antonio is a Shakespearean favorite -- the Bard used it in no less than five of his plays, and has long been a ubiquitous classic in Spanish-speaking countries, where the nickname Tonio is also prevalent. Antonio is also among an elite group of perennially popular names in the US, where it has always been among the boys' Top 1000 since baby name record-keeping started in 1880.

  3. Antonio Vivaldi, in full Antonio Lucio Vivaldi, (born March 4, 1678, Venice, Republic of Venice [Italy]—died July 28, 1741, Vienna, Austria), Italian composer and violinist who left a decisive mark on the form of the concerto and the style of late Baroque instrumental music.

  4. Antonio is the title character in Shakespeare 's The Merchant of Venice. An influential, powerful, and wealthy nobleman of Venice, he is a middle-aged man and a merchant by trade who has his financial interests tied up in overseas shipments when the play begins.

  5. Jan 25, 2023 · SAN ANTONIO – Five teenagers were arrested after they led law enforcement officials on a chase in a stolen car from New Braunfels to Seguin to San Antonio over the weekend, police say.

  6. Enjoy Antonio's famous signature dishes like Gnocchi Rita served with Mama Rita's special pancetta and mushroom sauce... Spaghetti Carbonara "Alla Bocelli", a recipe Andrea Bocelli prepared himself in our own kitchen. Try our Chicken Antonio, pan prepared tender breast of chicken smothered in a creamy white sauce topped with provolone cheese.

  7. Jan 25, 2023 · A San Antonio police officer shot and killed a man outside a motel on the city's Westside late Tuesday, January 24, according to police. San Antonio Police Department Chief William McManus said at ...

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