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  1. App.Net is a comprehensive set of cloud services designed for small businesses to build, deploy, and manage applications. Continous Integration Tools, Cloud Storage, Git Repositories and a Full Source Code Marketplace will support you in efficiently building anything from simple mobile app to high-scale solution.

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  2. Full source code app marketplace. Buy full source code app outright, get free GIT repository, use our free build and deployment services to quickly release a fully functional app with a native front-end and an Amazon Web Services back-end.

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    You can install and manage .NET through the Windows Package Manager service, using the winget tool. For more information about how to install and use winget, see Use the winget tool. If you're installing .NET system-wide, install with administrative privileges.

    Visual Studio Code is a powerful and lightweight source code editor that runs on your desktop. Visual Studio Code is available for Windows, macOS, and Linux. While Visual Studio Code doesn't come with an automated .NET Core installer like Visual Studio does, adding .NET Core support is simple. 1. Download and install Visual Studio Code. 2. Download...

    The download pagefor .NET provides Windows Installer executables. When you use the Windows installers to install .NET, you can customize the installation path by setting the DOTNETHOME_X64 and DOTNETHOME_X86parameters: If you want to install .NET silently, such as in a production environment or to support continuous integration, use the following s...

    The dotnet-install scripts are used for CI automation and non-admin installs of the runtime. You can download the script from the dotnet-install script reference page. The script defaults to installing the latest long term support (LTS) version, which is .NET 6. You can choose a specific release by specifying the Channel switch. Include the Runtime...

    If you're using Visual Studio to develop .NET apps, the following table describes the minimum required version of Visual Studio based on the target .NET SDK version. If you already have Visual Studio installed, you can check your version with the following steps. 1. Open Visual Studio. 2. Select Help > About Microsoft Visual Studio. 3. Read the ver...

    The following table is a list of currently supported .NET releases and the versions of Windows they're supported on. These versions remain supported until either the version of .NET reaches end-of-support or the version of Windows reaches end-of-life. Windows 10 versions end-of-service dates are segmented by edition. Only Home, Pro, Pro Education, ...

    The following versions of .NET are ❌ no longer supported: 1. .NET 5 2. .NET Core 3.1 3. .NET Core 3.0 4. .NET Core 2.2 5. .NET Core 2.1 6. .NET Core 2.0

    The runtime is used to run apps created with .NET. When an app author publishes an app, they can include the runtime with their app. If they don't include the runtime, it's up to the user to install the runtime. There are three different runtimes you can install on Windows: 1. ASP.NET Core runtime Runs ASP.NET Core apps. Includes the .NET runtime. ...

    The SDK is used to build and publish .NET apps and libraries. Installing the SDK includes all three runtimes: ASP.NET Core, Desktop, and .NET.

    The following sections describe things you should consider when installing .NET on an Arm-based Windows PC.

  3. Free downloads for building and running .NET apps on Linux, macOS, and Windows. Runtimes, SDKs, and developer packs for .NET Framework, .NET, and ASP.NET.

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  5. Mar 14, 2023 · The .NET SDK is a set of libraries and tools for developing and running .NET applications. It includes the MSBuild build engine, the Roslyn (C# and Visual Basic) compiler, and the F# compiler. Most commands are run by using the dotnet command. The CLI tools can be used for local development and continuous integration.

    Usage example

    Console.WriteLine("Hello, World!");
  6. WinUI and WinAppSDK. The Windows UI Library (WinUI) is a UI framework for Windows desktop apps that includes support for C# and .NET. WinUI is available as part of the Windows App SDK. The Windows App SDK provides a unified set of APIs and tools that can be used in a consistent way on a broad set of target Windows OS versions.