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  1. Aug 29, 2023 · Arabic is written and read from right to left, unlike English, which is written and read from left to right. There are 28 letters in Arabic and 26 letters in English. The Arabic alphabet of 28 letters is created by placing various combinations of dots or symbols above or below the letters.

  2. The Arabic alphabet, called Al-abjadiyah, has 28 letters. All 28 letters are consonants, and most letters have four different forms. Vowels do exist in Arabic – but we’ll explain all about Arabic letter forms and vowels a bit later on! Why might Arabic letters sound weird to English native speakers?

  3. Free Beginner's Guide to the Arabic alphabet (with sound): learn how to read, write and pronounce Arabic like a native.

  4. Its alphabet contains 28 consonantal letters, 22 being directly derived from the Aramaic-Nabataean branch of the North Semitic alphabet and six being new additions; three of the letters— alif, wāw, and yāʾ —are also used as long vowels. Arabic manuscript

  5. The Arabic alphabet is derived either from the Nabataean alphabet or (less widely believed) directly from the Syriac alphabet, which are both derived from the Aramaic alphabet (which also gave rise to the Hebrew alphabet), which, in turn, descended from the Phoenician alphabet.

  6. The Arabic alphabet As I said, the Arabic alphabet contains 28 letters. Not that different than the English alphabet of 26! Let’s pause here for a second. While this is an article specifically about the Arabic alphabet (I covered Arabic pronunciation in a different post), a reminder on pronunciation is useful here.

  7. Sep 6, 2021 · 1. Remembering the Basic Letters in the Arabic Alphabet 2. Recognising the Initial, Medial and Final Shapes of Arabic Letters 3. Being Able to Pronounce Arabic 4. Writing in Arabic Script 5. Developing Reading Fluency 6. Combining Everything

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