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  1. Archduchess Marie-Astrid of Austria (born Princess Marie-Astrid of Luxembourg on 17 February 1954) is the elder daughter and eldest child of Jean, Grand Duke of Luxembourg, and Princess Joséphine-Charlotte of Belgium, and the wife of Archduke Carl Christian of Austria, grandson of the last Austrian Emperor, Karl I.

  2. archduchy: [noun] the territory of an archduke or archduchess.

  3. Oct 3, 2022 · As far as in-laws go, Archduchess Sophie goes down in history as one (if not the) most formidable. She, after all, was the mastermind behind her son’s ascension to emperor: After his uncle,...

  4. May 16, 2022 · At some point, the sons and daughters of the Emperor/Empress also received the title Archduke or Archduchess. Now you can see why there are so many; Maria Theresa had 16 children, for example. (One of these children was Archduchess Maria Antonia, who married the future Louis XVI of France and became Marie Antoinette.)

  5. Jul 21, 2020 · Eleonore von Habsburg — the Archduchess of Austria and Royal Princess of Hungary, Bohemia and Croatia — married Belgian racing driver Jérôme d’Ambrosio on Monday in a civil ceremony in Monaco.

  6. Archduchess Elisabeth Marie Henriette Stephanie Gisela of Austria ( Hungarian: Erzsébet Mária Henrietta Stefánia Gizella; 2 September 1883 – 16 March 1963) was the only child of Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria, and Princess Stéphanie of Belgium. Her father was the son and heir apparent of Emperor Franz Joseph I of Austria, and her mother was a daughter of King Leopold II of Belgium.

  7. The archduchy developed out of the Bavarian Margraviate of Austria, elevated to the Duchy of Austria according to the 1156 Privilegium Minus by Emperor Frederick Barbarossa. The House of Habsburg came to the Austrian throne in Vienna in 1282 and in 1453 Emperor Frederick III, also the ruler of Austria, officially adopted the archducal title.

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