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  1. Archibald Douglas, Earl of Douglas and Wigtown, Lord of Galloway, Douglas and Bothwell (c. 1330 – c. 24 December 1400), called Archibald the Grim or Black Archibald, was a late medieval Scottish nobleman. Archibald was the bastard son of Sir James "the Black" Douglas, Robert I 's trusted lieutenant, and an unknown mother.

  2. Jan 28, 2023 · Archibald the Grim, also known as Blak (Black) Archibald (c. 1328-1400), Earl of Douglas, Earl of Wigtown, Lord of Douglas, Lord of Bothwell and Lord of Galloway, was a late medieval Scottish nobleman. Archibald the Grim was a bastard son by an unknown mother of Sir James Douglas, Robert I's trusted deputy.

    • Scotland
    • Mistress of Archibald Douglas
  3. When Archibald Douglas 3rd Earl of Douglas was born in 1328, in Roxburghshire, Scotland, his father, Lord James Douglas -The Black Douglas, was 42 and his mother, Lady Joan Lovel, was 23. He married Joan Moray Of Stratherne on 23 July 1362. They were the parents of at least 2 sons and 2 daughters.

    • Male
    • Joan Moray Of Stratherne, Mary Bothwell
  4. Douglas's brothers, James Douglas, 9th Earl of Douglas, Archibald Douglas, Earl of Moray, Hugh Douglas, Earl of Ormonde, and John Douglas, Lord of Balvenie went into open rebellion against the Crown, but were finally put down in a skirmish in 1455 known as the Battle of Arkinholm; the royal forces were led by another Douglas, the "Red" George ...

  5. "Sir Archibald Douglas, "The Grim," 3rd Earl of Douglas, who was the illegitimate son of Sir James Douglas, Lord of Galloway. Known to the Scots as "good Sir James" and to the English as "The Black Douglas," he was, with Wallace and Bruce, one of the three great heroes of Scottish Independence." [Magna Charta Sureties]

  6. Douglas, Archibald [called Archibald the Grim, Archibald the Terrible, lord of Galloway and third earl of Douglas ( c. 1320–1400), magnate, was the illegitimate son of Sir James Douglas, lord of Douglas ( d. 1330). He took his third nickname from his and his father's dark complexions.

  7. May 23, 2023 · < Wikipedia > James Douglas, 7th Earl of Douglas, 1st Earl of Avondale (1371 – 24 March 1443), latterly known as James the Gross, and prior to his ennoblement as James of Balvenie, was a late mediaeval Scottish magnate.[1] He was the second son of Archibald Douglas, 3rd Earl of Douglas, and Joan Moray of Bothwell and Drumsargard (now ...

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