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  1. Theodor van Eupen (24 April 1907 – 11 December 1944) was a member of the SS of Nazi Germany.A Holocaust perpetrator, he served as the commandant of the Treblinka I forced-labour camp (Arbeitslager) in occupied Poland during its entire course of operation.

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    Aktion T4 Hitler's order for Aktion T4 Also known as T4 Program Location German-occupied Europe Date September 1939 – 1945 Incident type Forced euthanasia Perpetrators SS Participants Psychiatric hospitals Victims 275,000–300,000 [a] Aktion T4 (German) was a campaign of mass murder by involuntary euthanasia in Nazi Germany. [b] The term was first used in post- war trials against doctors ...

  3. Arthur Karl Greiser (22 January 1897 – 21 July 1946) was a Nazi German politician, SS-Obergruppenführer, Gauleiter and Reichsstatthalter (Reich Governor) of the German-occupied territory of Wartheland. He was one of the persons primarily responsible for organizing the Holocaust in occupied Poland and numerous other crimes against humanity.

  4. The Auschwitz Album is a photographic record of the Holocaust during the Second World War.It and the Sonderkommando photographs are the only known pictorial evidence of the extermination process inside Auschwitz II-Birkenau, the German extermination camp in occupied Poland.

  5. Alois Brunner, né le 8 avril 1912 à Nádkút (Deutsch Kaltenbrunn en allemand) dans le royaume de Hongrie, dans l'Empire austro-hongrois [1], située aujourd'hui en Autriche, et probablement mort en décembre 2001 à Damas [2], en Syrie, est un membre du parti nazi et un officier SS, qui se rend célèbre par son action contre les Juifs pendant la Seconde Guerre mondiale dans plusieurs pays ...

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    Hans Aumeier (20 August 1906 – 24 January 1948) was an SS commander during the Nazi era who was the deputy commandant of Auschwitz concentration camp.One of the most important criminals at Auschwitz, he was extradited to Poland where he was convicted and sentenced to death.

  7. Arthur Nebe: November 13, 1894: March 21, 1945: 50 years, 128 days Commander of Einsatzgruppe B, Belarus, June 1941 – November 1941 (1/5) Chief of the Kripo (1/2) President of Interpol: Executed by Nazi Germany for involvement in the failed 20 July 1944 attempt to kill Adolf Hitler: Erich Naumann: April 29, 1905: June 7, 1951: 46 years, 40 days

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