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    Atlas Comics (1950s) Atlas Comics is the 1950s comic book publishing company that evolved into Marvel Comics. Magazine and paperback novel publisher Martin Goodman, whose business strategy involved having a multitude of corporate entities, used Atlas as the umbrella name for his comic-book division during this time.

  2. 1950s comic book publishing company Atlas Comics Type Division Industry Publishing Predecessor Timely Comics Founded November 1951; 70 years ago (November 1951) Founder Martin Goodman Defunct October 1957; 64 years ago (October 1957) Fate Re-branded as Marvel Comicsin 1961 Successor Marvel Comics Headquarters Manhattan, New York City, U.S.

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    From 1952 to late 1956, Goodman distributed this torrent of comics to newsstands through his self-owned distributor, the Atlas News Company. He shut this down in 1956, and began newsstand distribution through American News Company, the nation's largest distributor and a virtual monopoly — which shortly afterward lost a Justice Department ...

  4. All Western Winners #2-4 (Winter 1948 - April 1949; continued from Timely Comics' All Winners Comics vol. 2, #1); continued as Western Winners #5-7 (June 1949 - Dec. 1949) continued as Black Rider #8-27 (March 1950 - March 1955) continued as

  5. Sep 17, 2020 · The comics chosen by Dr. Vassallo for Atlas at War! were written by some of Marvel's heavy hitters, including Russ Heath, John Severin, Bernie Krigstein, Joe Maneely, Jerry Robinson, Steve Ditko, and Jack Kirby. Painstaking care was taken to restore every comic to its original glory, thanks to comic art restorer Allan Harvey. Here are some ...

  6. Apr 10, 2018 · Borrowing from stories of gunslingers who came before and providing the groundwork for a certain webslinger’s origin, Johnny Bart’s sad story is a well-told composite, written by Stan “the Man” Lee and penciled by Jack “King” Kirby. One day after Johnny has gone to town to sell some grain, two glory-seeking gunslingers amble onto Ben’s ranch.

  7. Crime Cases Comics #24-27, 5-12 (Aug. 1950 - July 1952; continued from successive Timely Comics' series Li'l Willie Comics and Willie Comics Crime Exposed vol. 2, #1-14 (Dec. 1950 - June 1952) Crime Fighters #11-13 (Sept. 1954 - Jan . 1955; continued from Timely Comics' Crimefighters )

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