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  1. August Weismann (* 1834, Fráncfort del Meno - 1914, Friburgo de Brisgovia) fue un biólogo alemán. Se formó en la Universidad de Gotinga y enseñó zoología en Friburgo ( 1866 - 1912 ). Ernst Mayr lo situó como el segundo más notable teórico evolucionista del s.

  2. The Weismann barrier, proposed by August Weismann in 1892, distinguishes between the "immortal" germ cell lineages (the germ plasm) which produce gametes and the "disposable" somatic cells. Hereditary information moves only from germline cells to somatic cells (that is, somatic mutations are not inherited).

  3. Joseph Weismann, né le 19 juin 1931 à Paris , est un survivant de la Shoah. Après avoir été arrêté lors de la rafle du Vél' d'Hiv' et interné au camp de Beaune-la-Rolande , Joseph Weismann parvient à s'évader avec un ami, Joseph Kogan.

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    For example, August Weismann proposed and pointed out, a germline cell is immortal in the sense that it is part of a lineage that has reproduced indefinitely since the beginning of life and, barring accident, could continue doing so indefinitely.

  5. Wiesmann planned to begin exporting vehicles to the US by 2010, however, factors including a poor exchange rates and the high costs of modifying and testing cars in order to make them road-legal in the US stymied these plans. On August 14, 2013 Wiesmann filed for insolvency at the local court in Münster.

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    August Weismann's experiment, considered definitive in its time, is now considered to have failed to disprove Lamarckism, as it did not address use and disuse. Later, Mendelian genetics supplanted the notion of inheritance of acquired traits, eventually leading to the development of the modern synthesis , and the general abandonment of ...

  7. McLaren used the new car for half of the 1989 season using the Weismann Longitudinal Transmission from the MP4/4, and the MP4/5B with the Weismann Transverse Transmission for the last half of the 1989 season and for 1990, earning back to back drivers' and constructors' world titles with the type.

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