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  1. Augusta-Marie de Holstein-Gottorp — Wikipédia

    Nov 13, 2020 · Augusta Marie de Holstein-Gottorp née le 6 février 1649 et décédée le 25 avril 1728 était une princesse allemande. Elle est la fille de Frédéric III de Holstein-Gottorp et de Marie-Élisabeth de Saxe. Famille. Elle épouse Frédéric VII Magnus de Bade-Durlach le 15 mai 1670 à Husum.

  2. Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    6 days ago · Frederick III of Holstein-Gottorp (22 December 1597 – 10 August 1659) was a Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. Engraving of Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp He was the elder son of Duke Johann Adolf of Holstein-Gottorp and Princess Augusta of Denmark .

  3. Christian August of Holstein-Gottorp, Prince of Eutin - Wikipedia

    2 days ago · Biography. He was a younger son of Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp and Princess Frederica Amalia of Denmark, daughter of King Frederick III of Denmark.His elder brother, Frederick IV, succeeded their father as ruler of the duchy, Christian August being given the small fiefdom of Eutin in 1695, whereupon he took the title Duke of Holstein-Eutin.

  4. Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha - Wikipedia

    3 days ago · From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia Princess Augusta of Saxe-Gotha-Altenburg (30 November [ O.S. 19 November] 1719 – 8 February 1772) was Princess of Wales by marriage to Frederick, Prince of Wales.

  5. 阿道夫·弗雷德里克 - 维基百科,自由的百科全书阿道夫·弗雷德里克

    6 days ago · 外祖母: 霍爾斯坦-哥托普的奧古絲塔·瑪麗 ( 英语 : Augusta Marie of Holstein-Gottorp ) 外高祖父: 薩克森選侯約翰·格奧爾格一世 ( 英语 : John George I, Elector of Saxony ) (=18)

  6. Christian Albert, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    6 days ago · Biography Christian Albert was a son of Frederick III, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp, and his wife Princess Marie Elisabeth of Saxony. He became duke when his father died in the Castle Tönning, besieged by the King Christian V of Denmark. He was forced to flee at that point, and the remainder of his life was characterized by his fight with Denmark.

  7. Frederick IV, Duke of Holstein-Gottorp - Wikipedia,_Duke_of...

    Nov 17, 2020 · Frederick IV (18 October 1671 – 19 July 1702) was the reigning Duke of Holstein-Gottorp. He was born in Gottorf Castle as the elder son of Duke Christian Albert of Holstein-Gottorp and Princess Frederica Amalia of Denmark .

  8. Princess Olga of Greece and Denmark - Wikipedia

    Princess Olga was born in Athens, Greece, on 11 June 1903. Her father was Prince Nicholas of Greece and Denmark, the third son of George I of Greece.Her mother was Grand Duchess Elena Vladimirovna of Russia, a granddaughter of Tsar Alexander II of Russia.

  9. Princess Sophie of Greece and Denmark - Wikipedia

    Nov 21, 2020 · Sophie's father was the fourth son of King George I of Greece and Grand Duchess Olga Konstantinovna of Russia.Through King George, she was a great-granddaughter of King Christian IX of Denmark (hence her subsidiary title, Princess of Denmark).

  10. Princess Thyra of Denmark - Wikipedia

    Ernst Augustus was the eldest child and only son of King George V of Hanover and his wife, Princess Marie of Saxe-Altenburg. [ citation needed ] Ernest Augustus had been born as a Crown Prince of Hanover, but in 1866 his father had been deprived of his throne, when the Kingdom of Hanover was annexed by Prussia after siding with Austria in the ...