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    Augustin-Louis Cauchy - Cauchy's Life Somsack Chaitesipaseut. Augustin-Louis Cauchy was one of the greatest mathematicians during the nineteenth century. In fact, there are sixteen concepts and theorems named after him, more than any other mathematician. His life began in Paris, France on August 21, 1789, and ended at Sceaux, France on May 22 ...

  2. For the full article, see Augustin-Louis Cauchy . Augustin-Louis, Baron Cauchy, (born Aug. 21, 1789, Paris, France—died May 23, 1857, Sceaux), French mathematician, pioneer of analysis and group theory. After a career as a military engineer in Napoleon’s navy, he wrote a treatise in 1813 that became the basis of the theory of complex variables.

  3. Augustin Louis Cauchy. Augustin Louis Cauchy (August 21, 1789 – May 23,1857) was a French mathematician who initiated the movement to introduce rigor into the theorems of the infinitesimal calculus. He also applied higher mathematics to the solution of problems in optics and mechanics .

  4. 44 Copy quote. Men pass away, but their deeds abide. [His last words.] Augustin-Louis Cauchy. Men, Passing Away, Deeds. 53 Copy quote. As for methods I have sought to give them all the rigour that one requires in geometry, so as never to have recourse to the reasons drawn from the generality of algebra. Augustin-Louis Cauchy.

  5. Augustin-Louis Cauchy was born on 21 August 1789 in Paris, France, as the son of Louis Francois Cauchy, a senior French government officer and Marie-Madeleine Desestre. He had two brothers – Alexandre Laurent Cauchy and Eugene Francois Cauchy.

  6. Aug 21, 2020 · Augustin-Louis Cauchy (1789-1857) On August 21, 1789, French mathematician Augustin-Louis Cauchy was born. He is considered one of the greatest mathematicians during the nineteenth century. There are 16 concepts and theorems named for Cauchy, more than for any other mathematician. Cauchy was one of the most prolific mathematicians of all times.

  7. In optics, Cauchy's transmission equation is an empirical relationship between the refractive index and wavelength of light for a particular transparent material. It is named for the mathematician Augustin-Louis Cauchy , who defined it in 1837.

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